City Buzz

 |  December 28, 2010

Just opened directly opposite the Phucome Hotel is this new coffee shop – with a twist. We say with a twist because they serve all kinds of food, from Thai weekly specials to Italian pizzas and pastas, as well as German sausage. The coffee is Doi Chang coffee so it’s good stuff, plus they serve teas, frappes and smoothies. The place itself is ultra cool – the owner being an architect – and has some quirky décor for you to look at while you sip away. A Thai owned coffee shop that sells pizza, pasta and sausage you might ask? Sounds a bit much…but, the sauces, both tomato based and cream based are excellent, and if you like really cheesy pizza – as we all did – then you’ll like the pizza too. Prices for the Italian food range from 100 – 240 baht. So, if you’re in need of more than just coffee, then try Coffee Holic.

Open 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.
11 Irrigation Canal Road (just as you turn the corner from Huay Kaew)
Tel: 053 227 418 Fax: 053 218 160

With a price tag estimated to be a costly 80 million baht, the new Kantary Terrace shopping complex exceeds expectations. Sitting on a prime location on Nimmanhaemin Road, the 7,000 sq.m shopping plaza makes an ideal place for locals and visitors alike. The chic Kantary Terrace boasts a modern design made up of five shophouses centred in the middle of what one could call ‘the gardens’. The centre features Kitchen Cultures – a kitchen remodelling business during the day – and wine bar at night; a Toni & Guy Salon, Noc ChocoChic, and a few other little treats for the shoppers. Overall this scene drips with style and panache and will no doubt impress the shopaholics of us. Just as the other Kantary Hills establishments has set a standard for excellence, this new complex certainly continues the tradition.

Nimmanhaemin Soi 12
Take note: There is parking in the back for those with vehicles!
Tel: 081 917 1122

With a posh look and laid back atmosphere, S’nails is likely to be a big hit for those who take their nails seriously. S’nails takes great pride in the fact that they not only make you look great, but also focus generously on high quality products, as well as safety and hygiene. They offer four main services: Manicure & Pedicure, Nail Extensions, Nail Art, and Body Waxing. Just like the heavy hitters in Bangkok and other international salons, S’nails provides 3-D Japanese nail art. For those of you who haven’t heard of the latest trend in beauty, head on down to S’nails and check out these acrylic masterpieces. With anything from spiders to butterflies, maybe even a fruit basket or two. They now offer a Happy Hour on Tues- Fri from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. with a 25% discount. They also provide an ‘Acrylic Express’ – a new technique that shortens the time for Acrylic nail application from a whopping 4 hours to a mere 45 minutes. And with their current promotion the price is now set at 1000 baht instead of the normal 1500. Feeling adventurous? Check out the gel nail polish. Unlike traditional nail polish a gel polish is cured by UV light. So don’t fret about smudging or denting your nails, this polish dries within minutes.

Nimmanhaemin Soi 7
Tel: 053 894 988

A small restaurant on the edge of Nimmanhaemin is anything but ‘small’ concerning taste. From the stylishly decorated furnishings inside the Café to the meals they prepare, everything has been meticulously arranged and put together. Infused with a quiet, modern Asian flare, DUDE Cafe creates a perfect retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. They offer a good selection of Thai dishes as well as lots of different drinks, booze or non-booze. Try the red curry beef served with rice, deep fried shitake mushrooms with Japanese sauce, tofu with seafood, ham, and vegetables in a Chinese sauce, and the deep fried chicken wings. And if you’re not feeling all that hungry feel free to hang out on the deck with a cold one on people watch. With hip music playing softly through the restaurant and flowing out onto the deck, one can easily enjoy themselves here. Located on the floors above the restaurant stands the Baiyoke Ciao Hotel. As the Baiyoke offers high quality accommodations at a modest price, it is bound to become one of the most popular spots on Nimmanhaemin, right along with DUDE Cafe.

Open from 3p.m. to midnight.
8/11 Nimmanhaemin Soi 11

Aromatic fragrances of blossoms and other elusive scents waft around you as you enter this charming soap boutique. The shop itself is a cornucopia of colours and distinctive smells, which makes shopping all the more pleasant. Choose from a selection of different fragrances, including Sakura, Jasmine, Mangosteen, Pineapple and even coffees such as Latte or Americano. All the bars of soap sold here have low toxicity and are made from natural extracts. You can choose them to come in liquid form or in bars, and you can select whatever size of bar you want. A soap bar costs 120 baht or 1.50 baht per gram. Sofia is now doing lots of ‘Tea Lovers’ fragrances. Try their organic tea which is supposed to be good for your heart and brain or try their rose tea which they tell us refreshes and gives you an infusion of energy.

Open Daily
Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport, G Floor, opposite to the aquarium
Tel: 089 552 8157

Just one kilometre away from the Pai city centre, you’ll find yourself surrounded by mountains, rice fields and flower gardens in every room of the Ban Kung Kang de Pai. All rooms are decorated in warm and sweet colours, each of them equipped with air-conditioner, cable-TV and hot shower. Bann Kung Kang de Pai also has wi-fi internet, a laundry room, a coffee shop, shuttle buses and much more to offer their guests. Take a break and relax by the big swimming pool while you enjoy the picturesque view of the mountains and a big orange windmill. Guests have a choice of five different room styles: Candy, Cutie, Lovely, Honey or Sweetie. Prices range from 2,300 – 3,000 baht per room.

Ban Kung Kan de Pai
053 064 450 or