City 7

 |  January 30, 2020

Our city is blanketed with trendy cafés, so for a change of ambiance, if not flavour, why not check out some lush, green cafés in the forest, especially now that the dusty hot months are about to descend up on us.

Baan Suan Coffee
No wifi – gasp! Only in Mae Hia, and not that far from town, this charming little café sits stream-side and you can wander down and wade in the stream with a frothy cappuccino.

Open 8am – 5pm
170 Moo3 Mae Hia Mueng
Facebook: BanSuanCafe – บ้านสวนกาแฟ @เชียงใหม่
Tel: 084 821 7357

Iron Wood
Iron Wood is a hugely popular destination for Instagrammers, as just about everywhere you look is a photo op.

529/2 Soi Nam Tok Mae Sa 8 Mae Ream, Mae Rim
Facebook: The Ironwood

Forest Bake
A home-made bakery using organic ingredients, this charming woodsy café may not be in the forest, but it certainly does its best to make you feel as if you are.

8/2 Na Wat Kate Road Soi 1
Facebook: Forest bake

Decadent and delicious cakes – definitely check out the cheesecake – in a lovely country setting with all sorts of trees and foliage to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

Soi 1, San Klang, Sankamphaeng
Facebook: Jaiboon Café ใจบุญคาเฟ่

Teddu Coffee
A verdant, tropical café surrounded by dripping foliage and overlooking a gushing waterfall.

85 Huai Kaeo, Mae On District
Facebook: Teddu Coffee – Teddu Inn Meakampong

Chom Café and Restaurant
Designed to echo the Himmapan forest from Hindu legends, with soggy moss, glistening ferns, misty clouds and mood lighting.

2/13 Moo2 Somphot Chiang Mai 700 Pi Road Mae Hia
Facebook: Chom café and Restaurant

GoodVibes Café Cnx
Though not strictly forest-y, it does offer a very lovely green vibe and being in the heart of the city is a great getaway from the mayhem.

99/5 Moo7 Padad
Facebook: Goodvibes Café Cnx