Chic and Boutique Cafés

 |  September 1, 2018

Chiang Mai’s coffee culture is well on its way to being pretentious! But those of us who enjoy the pomp, the setting, the process, the chat, the Instagram, are constantly searching for the latest, hottest and newest. Well, here you go!

Qahwa Coffee Estate

With over 14 years in coffee industry, this humble Chiang Mai supplier has never stopped refining their beans. The thorough production system, which took them over seven years to develop, is so detailed it even calculates elements of soil used to grow the coffee plants and measures light and air prior to fermentation and roasting. Their specialty coffee is also sourced from farms across the north of Thailand which eschew the use of chemicals and pesticides, mostly producing micro lots which are closely cared for, creating exceptional quality beans in limited quantities. As a supplier, they pay close attention to their customers’ preferences, brands, and skills, helping cafes and businesses to craft their own distinctive tastes.

326/3 T. Nong Khwai, A. Hang Dong
Open 9am – 3.30pm (closed Sundays)
081 908 4441
Facebook: Qahwacoffeeestate


This cafe pushes the limits of the beans they have in hands and creatively present them in a variety of styles that serve a range of customers. Citrus cappuccino, for example, is made from light roasted coffee beans which should not be mixed with milk because of its tart taste, though those who like their coffees black, may enjoy the chance to enhance and balance the quality beans with a hint of orange. Hard core coffee aficionados, for instance, will enjoy the Thai Fight, which comes in a complete set of coffee tastings — drip, cold brew, espresso, and milk based espresso — with every single cup deliberately made from a variety of house blends and single-origin coffee. And while the palm peach tonic espresso is refreshing for its sweet and sour soda taste, the iced coffee honey could also brighten your day with the mellow sweetness of a honeycomb.

11/11 Sridonchai Road, Chang Klan
Open 8am – 4pm (closed Mondays)
086 615 7689
Facebook: Ma.chill.Chiangmai

Mix Kaffee

This café is unique in that it concentrates on serving moka pots, calling itself a slow bar where coffee is freshly, and carefully, brewed by a highly skilled barista. Moka pots can be tricky as they are a completely manual coffee brewing method which takes time. Mix Kaffee is the first in Thailand to distinguish itself with the intriguing Japanese kissaten technique (dubbed by CNN Travel as a faux European-style coffee house) inherited from the owner’s grandmother. Because of the distinctive brewing concept, this café has frequently welcomed professional baristas from all over the world all year round. The cafe is cosy with a compact space that will force you to have a casual chat with the owner — whether you want to or not!

29/2 Arak Road (200 metres from Suan Dok Gate)
Open 10am – 3pm (closed Sundays)
081 568 7203
Facebook: Mixkaffee