Chiang Mai’s Winter Fashion In Pictures: Donations To Charities Needed

 |  January 27, 2016

It’s that time of year again, but this time it’s different. The cold breeze overhead is worse than people in Chiang Mai have experienced in years, and with such a dramatic shift in temperature, many of us are not prepared. So in times of need, we make do, and here are some people Citylife snapped around Chiang Mai today making use of what they can find to keep warm.

1. A supermodel for winter collection

A model posing her makeshift winter collection.

2. Winter dead rock. I'm not that cold because of my hair

Winter dreadlock. “I’m not that cold because of my hair.”

3. A supermodel no.2

A contrasting fashion shoot.

4. How adorable this little girl is

Super cute and super warm.

5. A coldness comes with a loneliness, but nevermind i have birds and a red blanket with me

The winter can be a lonely place, but this boy has his blanket and a gang of pigeons all wanting a cuddle.

6. Take care of yourself before making a merrit

Monks brave the cold in their sandals.

7. A strong fashion. The cold never bothered me anyway

“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

8. A maxi dress mixed up with fur coat becoming a high fahion

A summer maxi dress and a winter fur coat. A mix and match that works!

9. Trust me, i'm a denim guru

Trust me, I’m a denim guru.

10. Mom, i'm sleepy

“Mum, I’m so sleepy.”

11. The best way to look younger is putting a hood on

Auntie keeping up with the trends.

12. It's okay to wear an overcoat in this season

Maybe it is the tourists from China who are least prepared.

13. One scarf is not enough

One scarf is not enough.

14. All I need is a checked blanket

Want a coat? “Na, just pass the checkered blanket, it’s much more trendy.”

Yet for some, this cold weather is not a time to dust off the old trench coat or fashion boots. It is a time to just survive. Many people this season have entered the cold unprepared, and with no facility or opportunity to wrap up warm. According to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, 14 people have already died as a direct result of the harsh cold temperatures.

Any donations of warm clothing or blankets are always welcome at a number of charities or organisations, throughout the year – to either be given to those most in need straight away or to distribute across the year in preparation for the next winter chills. Here is a few we’d like to mention:

The Radion International Foundation
(Donations made will go to people living on the mountains in the Mae Jaem and Om Goi districts of Chiang Mai)
196 Ratchapakhinai Road, Sri Phum, Chiang Mai
Tel. 053 448630

The Thai Red Cross Society
Ratchapakhinai Road, Sri Phum, Chiang Mai
Tel. 053 418389
(CityNews story here)