Chiang Mai’s Wacky and Wonderful Facebook Groups

 |  June 1, 2016

We all know that Facebook is the home of everything imaginable, and Chiang Mai is no exception.


Chiang Mai BBQ Federation
Nothing is better than a nice rack…a rack of ribs that is. This Chiang Mai group is serious about their barbeques, however, don’t even think about posting non-meat or non-bbq posts or you’ll be banned in an instant. Meet other fans, share tips, brag with a photo of your latest steak or just observe grilled meat fans discussing, well, meat.

Chiang Mai Shamanic Community
Who’d have thought that Chiang Mai would have their very own Shamanic community?! If you are into sitting in circles under the moonlight, sharing in ceremony and healing through the sharing of different wisdom traditions, this is the group for you. With almost 500 members, there is a lot of wisdom out there.

Wildlife Sightings in Chiang Mai
Seen a gross bug? Worried if that snake in the garden is venomous? Snapped a beautiful tropical bird in full mating ritual? Then log into the Wildlife Sightings group and get posting. From amateur to enthusiasts, this group is packed with people who can get to the bottom of any question, and who all love to comment and appreciate a good snap of some of the most diverse local wildlife in the region.


Chiangmai Board Game
Board games are for nerds you say? No! They are actually quite fun if you find the right crowd. If you are looking for something to do over the rainy season or want to try out the many local board game cafes but your friends are all too ‘cool’ to go with you, find a huge group of fans of board games right here in Chiang Mai in this very active board gaming community.

Chiang Mai Home Grown
Gardening, organic food, self-sufficiency and survival is the theme of this group, offering a place for people to share their latest successes in the garden and for others to learn something from what they see. Find where to buy the best produce, seeds and equipment in Chiang Mai and network with other green thumbs.

Magic Chiang Mai Angels
Not sure if this is a parody group or not, this 800 member strong group is for ‘special witches and wizards’ in Chiang Mai. Their motto is ‘you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave’ so expect to be hexed and slipped a love potion as soon as you click Join Group.

Chiang Mai Adventures
Not just for the hardened adventurer, this group is a place to organise, promote and show-off your most recent adventures, be it wild jungle treks or simple waterfall visits. Get inspired for your next adventure and find out what other people are doing around Chiang Mai too!