Chiang Mai’s Female Friendly Tattoo Studio

 |  January 12, 2018

The world of tattoos is dominated by men. From artists to models, the male form is plastered across the globe and it is not often you meet a female tattoo artist. Ahm and Taew of Panumart Tattoo Studio in Chiang Mai are two of those women. Teaming up late last year, they are pushing forward to create the city’s first female friendly tattoo studio – a comfortable place to get tattooed without the added pressures of a male tattoo artist or designer. These two talented women know just how to place a needle into your skin to create the perfect pattern, shade or detail work that you require.

For women and men alike, getting a tattoo is an intimate and, at times, stressful experience. Will the design come out as you want? Will it become dated? Do I really want it? Will the artist be gentle? All these questions, and many more, often fill the heads of those wanting a new tattoo – something that is entirely natural, and even encouraged.

Ahm and Taew are not about the hard sale. They don’t push you to get something you don’t like, but instead work with you to perfect the design, location, style and feel of you tattoo so that it is not only personal to you but also a stunning piece of artwork that you will be proud to show off. Tattoos should be cherished forever, and the tattoo experience plays a larger part in how the final result is enjoyed than many may think.

Ahm and Taew

Professionally trained artists

Before meeting, Ahm and Taew both studied fine arts in university before undergoing professional tattoo apprenticeships. In tandem they developed, trained and grew into professional artists. The two first met when Ahm discovered Taew on social media and fell in love with her art – so much in fact that Ahm asked Taew to tattoo her.

“It’s very rare to find tattoo artists who have received a fine arts education in university as well as having undergone professional apprenticeships. These factors along with Ahm and Taew’s work ethic and warm personalities really make them gems in this field,” said Ryan Astaphan of Panumart Tattoo in Chiang Mai.

From then, the pair hit it off and grew together with further training and experience to the position they are in today. Panumart Tattoo Studio is the first place to be run by women who are both skilled designers and tattoo artists. The studio offers a clean, relaxed environment that uses name-brand tattoo inks, brand new needles for every customer, chemically cleans all of their equipment, and follows hygienic practices to protect you. They also provide medical-grade aftercare for all customers and their new fancy tattoos!

So whether you are a man or a woman, Panumart Tattoo Studio has you covered in a safe and personal manner. No tattoo is rushed as they strive to create a personal bespoke service for each and every customer. For women looking for that safe and comfortable place to get a tattoo in Chiang Mai, this is the place for you.

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