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 |  February 29, 2012

Unicon Universal Concrete Products Co.,Ltd.

When it comes to all things concrete Unicon Universal Concrete Products Co., Ltd. are the experts. They specialise in concrete materials for the building trade. Whether you are a property developer, in the construction industry or building your own place Unicon can meet your concrete and building supply needs. Unicon is an innovative company creating many concrete products such as ‘instant concrete’, concrete barriers and dykes, prefab walls, Elephant brand seawater resistant mortar or ‘marine cement’ which protects against erosion, sulphur and chloride as well as house and building foundations and water extraction systems. Unicon prides itself on their attention to detail in fulfilling customers needs and requirements, they also provide a top rate distribution service which emphasises the importance of time keeping and correct delivery. All Unicon products are of a high standard in line with international regulations. Unicon workers are all specially trained in this industry and together have years of experience.

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