Chiang Mai on the WWW

 |  December 29, 2011

In collaboration with Chiang Mai University’s College of Arts, Media and Technology, Citylife has created THE definitive app on and about Chiang Mai. Whooooo! None of this off the shelf design, we have designed a really funky, fun, pretty and informative app which is easy to use and filled with information.

Simply go to the app store in iTunes and search for Citylife Chiang Mai to download your adorably trendy new app for FREE!

§ What’s On: events updated regularly from CityNow! keeping you in the loop of all upcoming excitements

§ What’s Hot: monthly highlights of great new businesses or services

§ See & Do: a quick guide for every visitor to the city from waterfalls to museums, monuments to national parks…and more

§ Shopping: need we say more…well, it is divided into zones, facilitating your spending needs

§ Sleep: zzzzz, from five stars to bed and breakfasts

§ Maps: Google GPS locations for a plethora of businesses and important landmarks in the city

§ Photos: our photo editor has selected gorgeous photos so you can enjoy them and get homesick while you are away from Chiang Mai

§ About Chiang Mai: facts, numbers, history, culture, and all the pertinent stuff that is usually at the front of guidebooks

§ Eat & Drink: regularly updated and recommended restaurants and bars

§ Contacts: emergencies, hospitals, universities, consulates, airlines.

What are you waiting for? Simply go to your iTunes store, search for Citylife Chiang Mai app, click install, et voila!

[The Android version of this app will be available sometime in 2012…when we have learnt how to make it!]