Chiang Mai on the WWW

 |  June 30, 2011

This new website featuring the new conceptual home slash hotel, At Niman tells all about this exquisite property. Drawing from Himalayan and oddly enough Moroccan designs, while utilising the highest of international standard facilities and conveniences, At Nimman is both traditional and modern. This super cool boutique hotel is right in the middle of the equally trendy Nimmanhaemin Road, surrounded by tons of restaurants, shops, bars and more.

On their website you’ll find nine rooms, and be able to see how well decked out all the rooms are when looking at their photos. You’ll also find a list of amenities and other hotel details, as well as a map, contact information and the various rates and booking forms for the rooms on offer. If you want to stay in the most happening part of the city in a terrific little hotel then visit

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