Chiang Mai On The WWW

 |  January 5, 2009

[right]This colume is to keep you abreast of the latest websites
which Citylife has produced, introducing you to
the ever-increasing presence of Chiang Mai online.[/right]

Holiday Garden Hotel and Resort

Citylife designed the web site for this charming Huay Kaew hotel and resort last year and featured their site in the October 2007 edition of this magazine. Howerver, much of our work throughout 2008 was in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Holiday Garden Hotel and Resort are the latest clients whom we have successfully helped climb the competitive rakings of Google, and other major – and not so major – search engines.

This previously English site is now completely bilingual and offers more photographs and information on the hotel’s facilities and amenities than before.

A lovely hotel, perfectly located within a storne’s throw from both the city centre and Nimmanhaemin Road. Check out the site for more information.

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