Chiang Mai on the www

 |  January 29, 2009

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It’s a tough business, this legal business. If you have ever shaken your head, pulled out your hair, collapsed in despair and generally had trouble with red tape and officialdom in Chiang Mai, then fear not, help is but a mouse click away. Check out the web site of these professionals – eight lawyers and four paralegals – who offer legal and business help and services in such diverse and far reaching fields as banking, corporate law/documentations, employment, healthcare, intellectual property, international litigation, real estate, securities, and tax plus contract drafting and accounting services, and all of this in Thai, English, French and German.

So whatever your business or legal problems, drop them a line, and more than likely they will have some expert who will not only speak your language, but be able to help you.

The website offers some basic information regarding their core services as well as offers a brief profile of their experts.

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