Chiang Mai on the www

 |  February 25, 2009

[right]This column is to keep you abreast of the latest websites which Citylife has produced, introducing you to the ever-increasing presence of Chiang Mai online.[/right]

In the past people went to Pai to rough it out, either camping or sleeping in little bamboo guesthouses as Pai was always a more laid back, mellow and simple place than our hectic Chiang Mai. However, times have certainly changed, and as the slumbering town has woken up and is stretching in new directions, those with a bigger budget and a penchant for comfort and luxury are beginning to make the short flight (or long drive) to this little town. If you wish to explore Pai while enjoying your creature comforts, look no further than this stunning resort, Bura Lumpai. If you want to have the outdoorsy feel to your trip, then stay at one of their luxury tents so you can still say that you camped in Pai, but you did it in style! Room service, limousines with drivers, wi-fi internet, Wawee Coffee on the premises and a swimming pool are just some of the amenities and facilities offered in this stunning resort.

Simply go to their web site and look at the stunning web gallery to get a feel for this resort which has that charming Pai ambiance while offering all the mod cons, stylish d?cor, and facilities of an international hotel.

If you really wish to style it, why not fly to Pai on SGA, a mere twenty or so minutes, another ten or so to grab your bags, and voila! You are largeing it in your luxurious room or tent.

Bura Lumpai has also kindly offered two nights accommodation in conjunction with SGA Airlines to one of our lucky readers this month.

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