Chiang Mai on the WWW

 |  May 8, 2009

Citylife is very excited, and hopes that you are too, at the launch of our new CityNow! website. Basically, this site will be the ULTIMATE events site in the north of Thailand. If your bar or restaurant is about to have a party or promotion, if you are about to offer a sale, if your company is organising a concert or exhibition, or your NGO or foundation is launching a charity party, whatever the event, from festival to sports, simply login to the website and upload the event yourself, in both Thai and English. Also, if you are wondering what activities or events are happening at any given time, simply log on, choose which days – or types of events – you are interested in and voila!

Not only that, and this is the exciting bit, we are also going to offer you the opportunity to post pictures of your events yourself! So, if you have a party, a grand opening, or whatever, just load up to ten pictures of the event, all captions or descriptions and they will be online to be shared. Bored at work? Log on and see if any of your friends have pictures posted! Not only that, you can also send the pictures as emails to your friends around the world, so they can share in your experiences here.

Please visit and enjoy our new and dynamic site which aims to be the centre for all social events in Chiang Mai and the north. A special note to all PR and marketing personnel, please email us with any questions, we really want to encourage you to visit and more importantly, use our site!

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