Chiang Mai on the WWW

 |  May 27, 2009

June, 2009.
ABO Trading has been open in Chiang Mai since 2005 but is finally entering the internet world with their stylish duo website for ABO Design and ABO Solar. This website lays out their extensive selection of solar lighting, quality teak wood and stainless steel outdoor furniture.

ABO Design hosts 21 different collections of outdoor furniture with dramatically different designs of everything from benches, chairs, lounges, dining and coffee tables to summer cabanas, gazebos, decking tile, day beds, and even picnic tables with fabric canopies, all of which they ship worldwide. Citylife staff is now begging the editor to buy ABO’s summer day bed special edition from the Summer Cabanas collection…

Unlike many trading companies ABO only uses teak wood from plantations and works for their reputation of being an environmentally friendly company with all their pieces natural and chemical free. ABO uses materials from the US, Germany, Italy and Thailand to make the most durable products which are weather-proof and will withstand the harshest of climates. This site is easy to navigate and allows close looks at your soon-to-be outdoor furniture.

ABO Solar: Keep on the look out for the launch of this environmentally friendly website which will present energy free lighting systems that are easy to install, are of the highest quality and newest technology. This site will feature everything solar from garden and decorative lights to fans and water fountains. Not only are all of these items affordable but also think of the money you will save on your electricity bill and how much you can reduce your carbon imprint.

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