Checking Out My Chakras at Le Méridien

 |  March 24, 2015

I arrived at Le Méridien early this past Sunday morning to learn about the hotel’s signature spa treatment – chakra healing stones.


Unsure of what exactly chakra stones were, I Googled “chakra” prior to the event. Turns out they are “energy points” on the body and the word derives from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “turning.” Needless to say, I was no expert after my search and was excited to learn more.

The staff talked through each step of the treatment – sand scrub, warmed oil massage and the various stones – allowing us to hold each stone as it was being explained. It was a geologist’s dream! The table was covered with hematite, tiger’s eye, and jasper (oh my!). All were cut in distinct shapes and believed to hold different healing powers such as increased circulation or relief of joint pain.

At first I was sceptical but as I was handed a piece of obsidian I could not help but feel a sense of relaxation in holding the smooth, semi-spherical rock. Whether or not the stones held the specific powers they are believed to have, the unique feel and weight of each one was therapeutic and soothing.

Not only were my questions about chakra answered but I also learned about the signature facial treatments offered. Instead of using products formed from the land, this facial features one from the sea – caviar!

Chakra Ritual: 4,500 THB

Kerstin Florian Caviar Facial Treatment: 8,000 THB