Celebrity Ink – The Biggest Tattoo Shop in Chiang Mai

 |  November 29, 2017

Celebrity Ink is becoming a well-known name across Chiang Mai, following its success in Phuket and opening around the world. With an eager fan base, both newcomers and regulars come in each and every day, with the studios often becoming fully booked thanks to their high quality tattoos by some of the best artists in the city, Thailand and world. With high demand, comes great pressure to fit everyone in, especially those just visiting who may have just a few days to get their work done. Thankfully, Celebrity Ink is the biggest tattoo studio in all of Chiang Mai, with 12 beds over 3 floors, 15 artists all ready and waiting to get the gun out and ink, and long opening hours that ensure that everyone who wants a tattoo at their studio will be seen at their convenience. Last month they tattooed over 300 people!

Although their floor space may be smaller than other studios, they are technically the biggest tattoo studio in the world thanks to their large number of artists and beds that can be used simultaneously. Celebrity Ink is a globally recognized business, that when combined with Phuket’s two branches and with other branches soon opening in Bangkok and overseas, is the biggest tattoo studio in the world.

According to tattooeasily.com, they are quickly becoming one of the most recognized and famous tattoo studios in the world – with a reputation for producing some amazing custom work, working with customers on exactly what they want to have, where to have it and designs that are meticulously drawn out, pleasing each and every customer.

Celebrity Ink Tattoo Chiang Mai also upholds an extremely high level of sanitation and they follow the guidelines of the Professional Tattoo Association of Australia. Their inks are imported from the United States and are also authorised safe by the same association.

What Celebrity Ink make up in size does not affect their overall quality and professionalism, so although they have many artists – all who are highly skilled in certain areas to ensure you get the best artist for the style you prefer – each consultation and each time the top of the range tattoo guns fire up, it feels like a personal and individual experience. At any time you can talk, consult, adjust and restyle your tattoo.

For those looking to get inked for the first time, or the fiftieth, it makes sense to head to Celebrity Ink for the best of the best, at competitive prices and with only the most sanitised equipment used each and every time.

44/2 Loy Kroh Road, Chiang Mai

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