Celebrating 25 Years of Citylife

 |  July 4, 2016


For 25 years, this magazine’s editors have waged an ongoing battle with its sales department. Since our early editors doubled as sales, it was a rather confusing battle fraught with conflict of interest.

When I took over as editor and director 18 years ago, the tug-of-war continued, as my self-interest battled against my integrity. You see, as a business owner, my priority is to make sure that I make, and keep, my clients happy. As an editor, I need to focus my attention on entertaining and informing my readers so that they have trust in our publication and the integrity of our words. These two agendas are not mutually exclusive, but they must be negotiated with both strength and subtlety. Strength in oftentimes insisting that an article stands in face of client opposition, or promoting a client by sacrificing a page of content. And subtlety in knowing that our clients benefit the most when our editorial is of the highest standards.

I think we have walked that tightrope well. And bar a few wobbles, have maintained our balance to the benefit of all. On the whole, Citylife has maintained a very independent editorial policy with little influence from our sales and marketing. On the other hand, we are proud of the fact that our advertisers have mostly been some of Chiang Mai’s most exciting and successful businesses, allowing numerous serendipitous moments when editorial and sales policies in fact align.

For 25 years we have managed to bring you high quality content for free, thanks to nearly 2,000 advertisers (yes, some poor intern had that job this month). Without them there would be no magazine, no staff, no articles, no photographs, no pretty pages and, gasp!, no editor.

This month we wish to, for the first time, focus all of our editorial endeavours on our advertisers, past and present. With their support, we’ve told their stories, we’ve share their points of view, and we’ve shown them off.

I hope that you will enjoy getting to know the men, women and ideas behind nearly two dozen ads you have been seeing over the years.

Listed below are all our featured clients this month

Central’s Northern Home

Prost! at Beer Republic

Time to Explore: The New Faces at Jing Jai Market

Wawee: An Aromatic Journey

K-Home: Chiang Mai’s Local Construction Company

Siripanna resort: A Home to Art and Nature

The New Face of Old Chiangmai

The Le Crystal Story

Sangdee Gallery

One Eccentric Man

Only the Best at DIAA Aesthetics Clinic

Boonthavorn’s Forty Year Legacy

Teka: Servicing Chiang Mai Since 1995

European Union Film Festival at SF Cinema

Creating Future Leaders: A progressive new international school opens

Varee School: Best of Both Worlds

CMIS: Wow, What a Year!

Operation Jumbo Art

A Secret Side to The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

A Paradise in Nyaungshwe: A Gateway to Inle Lake

Grand Holiday Inn: Classic Never Goes Out of Style

It’s a New Season at The Four Seasons

Surrounded by Beauty: Rooj Changtrakul of Rachamnkha Hotel