Caring for the Whole Body with Integrative Medicine

 |  September 30, 2019

Modern medicine has saved countless lives, yet more and more medical professionals world-wide are beginning to turn towards integrative medicine as a way to preempt patients from becoming, well, patients, and with an eye to finding longer term solutions to mitigate ailments and illnesses, and prolonging good health.

Absolute Health Clinic here in Chiang Mai is run by experienced medical doctors using the latest in cutting edge medical equipment who have embraced integrative medicine as a way to look at a patient as a whole person, treating root causes of illnesses, instead of just symptoms to achieve optimal health and healing.

If you are new to the world of integrative medicine, then it is best to ease your way into it with a Bio Energic Scan, a very pleasant half hour of relaxation, as a health assessment software identifies bioenergetics distortions and blockages in your bodies. The theory is that the mild electric pulses which run through the body will signal any abnormalities of organs and cells which can then be used as an early warning sign to seek further medical help or adjust and change diets, exercise or other lifestyle choices.

Patients are then taken back to the waiting room for some cookies and water while the doctor studies the test results and prints them out. A consultation with the doctor follows immediately after which a very detailed and comprehensive conversation will give insights into what points of concern should be addressed in the body.

Whether it be an issue of poor circulation, heart or gall bladder abnormalities, digestive or dehydration issues, lower-back fatigue or concerns over bone density, these readings will highlight how the patient’s each and every organ may differ from the average…or the last checkup, signaling a need to address the matter.

This is only a preliminary overview of the body and the first step to Absolute Health’s paths of treatments. Doctors here do not believe in churning out tests and readings and sending patients on their own way, instead treating patients like GPs of days gone by, building relationships and understanding of each patient’s body, state of mind, and lifestyle which may affect their health.

If a patient has allergies, then further testing can reveal that it is in fact the new puppy’s saliva that is causing itching. If a patient is lacking energy, it could be as simple as not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun or it could be a serious digestive problem which needs to be further explored.

Whatever the problem, doctors here understand the importance of both modern and holistic medicine, knowing when to use each approach to nurture the patient’s body as well as state of mind.

Thousands of years of traditional medical knowledge from around the world, combined with the extraordinary advances of modern medicine has brought more and more doctors around the world to embrace a more integrative approach to medicine. So if you wish to have a healthy and long relationship with your body, stop by for a consultation at Absolute Health and learn more about their services and practices.

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