Care for Dogs Adoptions: The Dynamic Duo

 |  September 15, 2015

Serena and Blair are two young sisters that are the essence of happiness, so much so that you feel it as soon as you meet them. They were left alone at the Airport Plaza where we, Care for Dogs, found them while at one of our regular adoption fairs. We took them straight to our shelter and performed health checks and made sure they were sterilized, and now they are in great condition and are ready to be adopted!

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German Shepherds are an amazing breed. They are extremely intelligent, strong and sensitive; loyal, obedient and show a great willingness to learn. As they are still young, they will need some training and lots of socialisation, so they are really looking for someone with experience with larger dogs, or German Shepherds specifically, to adopt these two beautiful sisters. A person that is familiar with shepherds and understands the issues in their training, health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance.

Serena and Blair adore people, and thoroughly enjoy their daily walks, something they will need to maintain their fitness levels, ensuring a long and happy life.

Can you meet their needs and provide them with a wonderful, cultivated life experience?

For more information on Serena and Blair, please call Care for Dogs at 084 7525255 or email