Care for Dogs Adoptions: Handsome Hobbs

 |  October 21, 2015

“Can you belief someone abandoned me? I just don’t understand it myself as I’ve always done my best to be attentive and trustworthy to my human companions. My name is Hobbs and I’m available for adoption.

Hobbes_1.jpg (Andrea Jordan)

Why not come to meet me and see that I must have been misunderstood. I love people and get along well with other dogs. I’m young, strong, attractive and healthy.

I would request a yard where I can roam, and do one of my favorite things – climb! I like to see life from a bird’s eye view and hope that my new home will provide me with a nice perch to observe the beauty of the outdoor world.
Please don’t you leave me behind too.” – Hobbs

For more information, please call Care for Dogs at
084-752-5255 or mail inquiries to