Care for Dogs Adoptions: Adoptable Amino

 |  September 29, 2015

My name is Amino and did have a place I once called home – it was a crematorium. I had to be removed as it was a very unhealthy living situation, and there wasn’t anyone to give me the proper care that I needed to survive – and no one for me to love.

I may look like an average black dog, but I assure you I will offer you everlasting loyal companionship and affection.

I’m very grateful to have this new opportunity at a full, happy life. All I need is you to take a chance on me, as I was once a poor fellow with a hopeless past. Let me be the best reason you get up every morning. I’ll do my very best not to disappoint you, and in return you can restore my faith in true love.
For more information on Amino, please call Care for Dogs at 084 7525255 or mail inquiries to