Beat Obesity with Absolute Solutions

 |  December 1, 2017

Obesity may not have been an obvious health concern for Thai people in the past, but with a growing (in all senses of the word) population, it has become obvious that there is a need to start paying attention to it. The borderline between being overweight and obese is when the BMI, an index to quantify the amount of tissue mass in an individual in order to be used in categorising whether a person is underweight, normal, overweight or obese, is more than 30 kgs/m2.

Obesity is about metabolic dysfunction that means your body is unable to burn off the energy produced, leaving the surplus energy being stored as body fat. On a boarder scale the fat from surplus energy can influence organ dysfunction involving cardiac, liver, intestinal, pulmonary, endocrine, and reproductive functions. The energy imbalance is caused by numerous factors — the lack of muscle movement, over consumption, or consumption of foods with high calories, lack of access to nutritious foods, genetics and more recently the discovery about the relationship between obesity and the bacteria in our digestive system.

No matter what gender or age you are, obesity will increase the probability of acquiring new diseases. It accounts for 20 to 33% of the risk for breast, esophageal, endothelial, prostate and kidney cancer. The increase in weight will also enhance degenerative joint disease. As diabetes cause high glucose levels in blood which can damage the arteries, it can cause heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and eventually death.

Fighting against obesity generally means changing your lifestyle. As caloric restrictions and metabolic accelerations are essentially needed, exercise is required as well as eating healthier foods. These can be a challenging task because even though obesity is visible, the underlying diseases are not, and that could lead to procrastination amongst those most in need of help. Under the concept to help cure and prevent issues that have yet to fully form in the body, Absolute Health believes in prevention over cure, working on any possible health issues before, or after early detection is key. Numerous therapies are available offering individualised treatments to suit each patient’s needs and lifestyle. Absolute Health also provides health checkups programmes that helps you understand your habits and how they affect your body. Health checkups are imperative in this age of processed food. Don’t leave it too late.

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