Baby Pool

 |  July 10, 2019

A pool designed specifically for babies and kids, welcomes children as young as four months old to come for a swim. This pool is designed specifically for babies. It’s built with the latest technology, which includes a sophisticated temperature control system and water filtration system. The pool is brand new, and has the highest standards of hygiene. This indoor pool can be used throughout the year, as it also has heating for the winter months.

Your child can learn how to swim even before taking his or her first steps. As parents, you can also join the swimming course, to share the experience with your child. Multiple studies have shown that swimming can enhance children’s cognitive and linguistic skills. These studies have shown that swimming helps toddlers achieve certain developmental milestones at an earlier age. One study conducted by Australia’s Griffith University looked at a large sample of 7,000 children under the age of five. This study found that the children who participated in swimming lessons at an earlier age gained a wider range of skills than those who didn’t. These skills included improved motor skills, language skills, emotional and social aptitude and cognitive development.

The children who swam at an early change had more balance and coordination than those who didn’t. The experiment also found that the swimmers developed cognitively as much as 10 months ahead of their peers. Children who took the swimming lessons were also around 15 months ahead of the normal population in social and emotional development. A strong connection between emotional maturity and swim lessons at a young age was found. More specifically, the young swimmers had a better understanding of direction, and were able to listen and respond to teachers in the classroom quite well. Taking swim lessons is also a great way to keep your kids active. Swimming is a solid physical activity, and a great way to keep your children healthy.

Swimming, like many other physical activities, is key in preventing childhood obesity. If you want your child to experience all of these benefits along with pool safety, then definitely be sure to get swim lessons. Not only will the lessons aid your kid developmentally, but they will also keep your child safe.

The coaches at the pool are trained not only in swimming skills, but also in child development, and can give you individual feedback. The coaches are certified by swimming associations from both Australia and Europe.

This brand new pool is a great place for young children to learn how to swim, and develop the skills they need to be safe in and around water.

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