A Timeless Market

 |  October 6, 2016

Step back in time and indulge in nostalgia at this new Timeless Market opening on the 26th November just opposite the Chiang Mai International Airport. A weekend market, open only on Friday and Saturday evenings from 4pm-10pm in the gardens of the Pimantip Leisure Avenue. As a unique market, it aims to appeal to the memories we all carry within us, or stories we treasure from generations past. Expect to see antiques, exhibitions of old photography and an ambiance of appreciation for days gone by.

The market, so close to Chiang Mai International Airport, hopes to draw the many visitors to Chiang Mai who may need a respite before their flight, as well as the many residents who simply enjoy a unique evening out. There will be antique trams shuttling between the airport and the market where, in the cool shade of twilight, people can mingle and wander around listening to gentle live music, sampling traditional local dishes along with international flavours from countries such as Korea, India, America and Germany and cool yourself down with a refreshing classic Thai drink.

Entertainment, fine food, and old world charm. Step back in time at this new Timeless Market.

For booth reservation calls 081 673 3784.
Note: Free booth fee for October only! (cost of utilities not included in free promotion).