A Retiring Attitude

 |  January 30, 2009

In case of an emergency here in Thailand you might try calling 191, the emergency number. You may or may not get an answer and if you do, you’d better speak pretty good Thai. As a ‘plan B’ you may want to develop your own ‘who you gonna call’ network. Make sure anyone you live with knows what to do in case of an emergency. Knowledge of CPR wouldn’t hurt nor would basic first aid. Make friends with your neighbours, especially ones with reliable cars. For those who live alone, have the telephone numbers of friends you can count on who have transportation that can get you to an emergency room. There is a saying here that works whether you are in a traffic accident, lost in the forest, or having a medical emergency. ‘You’re on your own.’ Having a ‘who you gonna call’ network is one way to protect yourself when that inevitable day happens. Let’s hope that day is far in the future and you are prepared.

Chiang Mai Emergency Numbers

You will most likely need to speak Thai. Of course if you are having a stroke and can’t speak then it probably won’t matter what language you speak.

– Emergency 191
– Accident 1193
– Ambulance 1669
– Tourist police 1155 (English speakers said to be available, but not when I called.)

For those who don’t speak Thai or just want more options

SOS – 24 hour emergency assistance for foreigners in Chiang Mai. This is a non-profit service (offered for a small fee to all expats) that runs a 24-hour hotline where English and Thai speakers can help with crises as varied as road accidents, detention by police or immigration, funeral arrangements and family notification in case of death, and accidents and hospitalisation. Check them out at: www.soschiangmai.com.

For further information about retiring to Thailand check out Hugh’s site www.retire2thailand.com.