900 Baht for 60 Minutes at Many Chiang Mai Spas – Download Now!

 |  July 14, 2016

Chiang Mai is an important city. Full of history, ancient traditions and stunning views, it is a destination that both locals and tourists strive to visit as often as they can. Whether you are a visitor to the north or a local resident, escaping the stresses of work and the busy pace of adult life can be difficult – so that is why the Tourism Authority of Thailand is teaming up with the Thai Lanna Spa Association to bring a special spa deal that extends to almost all of Chiang Mai’s most amazing and professional spas.

Regardless of your needs, be it a holistic rejuvenation or just a relaxing hour away from reality, spas across Chiang Mai have much to offer. What is noticeable about the northern capital is the focus and near obsession with Thai and Lanna massage techniques and traditions that date back hundreds of years. Many spaces in Chiang Mai have received Kinaree Awards from the Thai Tourism Industry, such as some famous names like Oasis Spa, Cheeva Spa, Rainjinda Wellness and Spa and the Lanna Come Spa.

Many spas in Chiang Mai also make use of natural organic products, seasonal fruit and locally made oils and scrubs that brings yet another level of local natural beauty. Additional traditions such as Yoga and meditation is also popular with locals and tourists focused on wellbeing and spiritual rejuvenation. However, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is now trying to branch out and help all kinds of people access spas and other wellness centres for a discounted rate until the end of 2016. The Tourism Authority of Thailand also hope to raise awareness of health among tourists and locals, giving everyone the opportunity to be beautiful from the inside out.

From June 1 to December 31, 2016, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is offering an unlimited number of vouchers sponsored by the Thai Lanna Spa Association and participating venues that, when presented at any spa or health centre in the list below, give 60 minutes of treatment or course for just 900 baht.

Click here, or save the photo at the bottom of this page to print out your very own 900 baht / 60 minute voucher for use at the following locations:

Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort (053 999333)

Kalapa Spa Sibsan Luxury Hotel Rimping (053 110555)

The Dheva Spa

Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort (053 921200)

Health Lanna Spa (053 326212)

Bamboo Spa

The School of Massage for Health (053 404028)

Chiang Mai Thai Spa Academy (053 326214)

Chiang Mai Spa Academy (053 284092)

Oasis Spa (053 920123)

Siam Spa Health and Beauty  (053 404451)

The Oasis Spa School (053 920188)

ITM – International Training Massage School (053 218632)

Nakara Spa (053 252101)

Jirung Spa (053 861511)

Chiida Spa (053 110555)

Cheeva Spa Chiang Mai (053 405129)

Shewe Wanna Boutique Resort & Spa (053 240020)

Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa Chiang Mai (053 854778)

Amora Spa (053 874466)

Panviman Spa Chiangmai (053 879540)

Peak Spa & Beauty Salon (053 818869)

Fah Lanna Spa (053 416191)

Phu Klon Country Club (Health Mud Spa) (053 282579)

Masumi Spa (053 213490)

U Spa (053 327000)

RarinJinda Wellness Spa (053 247000)

Lanna Come Spa (053 235768)

Srimantra Spa (053 818881)

Zira Spa (082 0982228)

Khum Phaya Resort & Spa, Centara Boutique Collection (053 415555)

Chiang Mai Spa Mantra (053 226655)

Chanrati Thai Herb Co.,Ltd.

Wat Phadarabhirom

Wat Rumpeong (053 278620)

Meditation Centre Wat Umong Suan Bhuddhadhamma (053 810964)

Kamphu Yoga (089 7556825)

The Yoga Tree (080 0724722)

Wild Rose Yoga Studio

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