7 things to do after midnight that does NOT involve alcohol!

 |  July 1, 2017

Although Chiang Mai is still holding onto its vibrant, lively nightlight despite the midnight Cinderella curfew, sometimes a night off the booze is just what you need. Whether you’re a night owl or just not looking for a drink, here are some things you can do after midnight that does not involve alcohol.

Despite all the advice our parents give us, an all-nighter study session is sometimes just what we need, or maybe you are a nomad working on American time and have no other choice. CAMP may just be your saviour, as it is open 24-hours, has free WiFi, a load of coffee, food and even free to use plug sockets. Sorted.
Open 24-hours

MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Centre, 5th Floor

2. Jok Sompet
As the name suggests, Jok Sompet’s most famous dish is Jok. Recently moved to the building next door, this legendary restaurant serves up a mixture of Thai and Chinese classics 24-hours a day seven days a week. Great for a midnight snack or binge before bed!

Open 24-hours
On the corner of the moat and Ratchapakhinai Road (now moved one building across)
Facebook: Jok-Sompet

3. Xenith Cybercafe
Internet cafes are still quite popular believe it or not, especially with the gaming community. High speed net and high spec computers make the perfect location for anyone wanting to meet friends and get in a good gaming session. Xenith is open 24-hours so if you feel the itch, then you know where to go.

Open 24-hours
Suthep Road, behind the university
Facebook: Xenith.Cybercafe

4. Sansaran Health and Sports Club
Exercising the beer belly off the same night as you added to it may not be the best idea, but if you like burning calories while you burn the midnight oil, then check-in and work up a sweat. In the daytime there is more on offer of course, but members can hit the gym any hour of the day or night.

Open 24-hours (members only)
232 Moo 3 Nongkway Road, Hang Dong

5. CMI Futsal
Not only is the first football pitch with artificial turf perfect for those into Futsal, it is also open 24-hours. Who’d have thought you could have a kick-around with mates at 3am! Just make sure to book beforehand.

Open 24-hours (booking required)
Prapokkloa Road

6. Muang Mai Market
If you’re a health nut, finding fresh fruit and veg at night can be tough. Thankfully, the Muang Mai Market opens up at around 2am with vendors selling all kinds of local produce. It is huge and open air too, so get there early for the best picks.

Open 2am – 8pm
1/1 Wichayanon Road

7. X-Ray 2010
40 baht haircuts any time of the day or night. What’s not to like? Well, it’s only 40 baht if the barber chooses the cut for you! Avoid that drunken tattoo and get a drunken haircut instead…much less permanent!
Open 24-hours

Wang Bua Road, Chang Phueak
Facebook: xrayhaircut2010