108 Great Places to Eat

 |  July 31, 2009

[right]Photographer by Alberto Cosi[/right]

A list of 108 great places to eat. This list is to point you, foodies, to some of the more interesting and perhaps lesser known and advertised, eating venues in and around the city, beloved by locals. Some of these stalls and restaurants don’t even have names, but they are tasty and delicious. If there is no menu – and chances are there isn’t – just look at what other people are eating and point! Because we were unable to contact each and every one, we do not provide as many details – opening times, contact details – as normal, but hey, that is part of the adventure!


1. Krua Ya (¤ÃÑÇÂèÒ) (See Map: A4)

Elegant and delicate central Thai dishes served up and presented like a beautiful woman all at reasonable luncheon prices. A favourite for local lunching ladies.
Inside Chiang Mai Lake Land Village, Irrigation Canal Road (follow signs…in Thai)
Open 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
087 300 5145

2. Khaomao Khaofang Restaurant
(¢éÒÇàÁèÒ ¢éÒÇ¿èÒ§) (See Map: A6)

If you like your Thai food served in a jungle setting complete with waterfalls, tropical foliage but with good service, clean facilities and pretty fine dining, then this is a great experience.
Off Irrigation Canal Road, turn left at the Royal Flora intersection, it is on the left side of the road heading towards Hang Dong Road.
053 838 444, 053 441 908

3. Food for You (See Map: H1 )

Fusion Thai food, recommended by Thailand Tatler 2009. Excellent food in a small private house served by the owner and chef. A gastronomic experience. But reservations required.
info@chiangmaicitylife.com for map (towards Doi Saket)
or call owner at 053 491 604 for directions.

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4. Sandwich Bar(See Map: C3)

Very very old restaurant (and looks it) from the sixties, serving famous spaghetti meatballs, baked ribs and mainly Thai fare in an air-conditioned retro (not through choice!) bistro.
Inside of Hua Rin (moat) Corner, Arak Road.
Open 7 a.m.-9 p.m.
053 221 528

5. Ban Suan Mae Rim

(ºéÒ¹ÊǹáÁèÃÔÁ) (See Map: D1)

Central Thai food at terrific prices. In a garden setting surrounded by manmade lake where you can sit and feed fish while you dine on them!
Km. 20 from Super Highway, in Mae Rim Town.
Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
053 297 421

6. Banana Tree (See Map: A4)

Solid Thai cuisine with a romantic(ish) atmosphere, frequented by middle aged office workers who enjoy fine food, inexpensive booze and live music.
Irrigation Canal Road near Best Western Hotel.
Open 4 p.m.-midnight
081 952 9899

7. Deck 1 (See Map: F3)

Owned by RarinJinda Spa, serving delicious Thai, fusion and international cuisine in a romantic riverside elegant setting. Very very nice, but very, very pricey.
Opposite RarinJinda, Charoen Rat Road (reclaimed old Riverside Pub and Bar).
Open 7 a.m.-midnight
053 302 788, 053 303 030

8. Khao Man Kai Railway Station

(¢éÒÇÁѹä¡è ʶҹÕöä¿) (See Map: G4)

Best kao man kai (steamed chicken served with rice, tasty sauce and broth) where the rice is infused with delicious chicken fat stock. Fak soup is sweet and aromatic.
Head down Charoen Muang Road from the river, turn right down Rot Fai Street next to the station, next to a large cartoon shop (on right side of road).

9. Lemon Tree (See Map: C2)

Traditional Thai food with some innovative twists. Air-conditioned shop house restaurant, slightly trendy, great prices _ solid all the way.
Opposite Shell Station on Huay Kaew Road opposite-ish Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel.
Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
053 222 009

10. Galae Restaurant

(ÃéÒ¹ÍÒËÒáÒáÅ) (See Map: A3)

Next to a reservoir, riots, no, revolutions, of flowers adorn this charming outdoors restaurant. All the staple Thai dishes. Family restaurant.
Head up Suthep Road until you can’t go any further, next to Ang Ka Set.

11. Boonkrong Pochana

(ºØ­¤ÃͧâÀª¹Ò) (See Map: B3)

Gravy to die for at this restaurant where pork in various styles is served up for pennies; try the mixed pork and egg plate with that rich and fabulous gravy poured all over it.
Suthep Road, just after Nimmanhaemin traffic lights, on the left side next to an internet gaming shop.

12. Smile Pig (See Map: C3)

Moo jum: sort of like a pork fondue chinoise where you cook your own pork bits in tasty broth on your table. Very simple, very cheap, very tasty.
Arak Road, next to Suan Dok Gate inside the moat.
Open 5 p.m.-midnight

13. Pop Am (»êÍ» áÍÁ) (See Map: D3)

Teeny joint where they sell all kinds of Thai goodies, snacks and sandwiches. American diner for Thai teens.
Opposite Queen Victoria, Prapokklao Road.

14. Kaew Pla Sot (á¡éÇ»ÅÒÊ´) (See Map: B6)

Fresh fish served on massive plates; the fish may be big but the prices are small. Not the best atmosphere…but did we mention how big the fish are?
Turn into the airport from Mahidol Road and it is on the left just before you turn right into the airport car park.
Open 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-10 p.m.
053 811 755, 089 559 9961

15. Take a Seat (See Map: A3)

Pub and restaurant, a modern funky joint with foreign/Thai fusion snacks. Try the pork wrapped with cheese. Not really a place for a meal, but it serves great savoury snacks to go with your beer.
Soi Wat Umong, on the left hand side, there will be a big sign and a huge crowd.
086 921 9797

16. Jok Sompetch (â¨ê¡ ÊÁྪ) (See Map: D3)

Anyone who’s been here a while will have heard of this rice soup landmark restaurant. Open 24 hours.
Sriphum Road on the corner of Ratchapakinai Road.
053 210 649

17. Milk Float (See Map: A3 )

Milk shop, ice cream and sweet stuff, but what is really special here is the self-cooking sukiyaki with chicken or pork.
Irrigation Canal Road, heading south from Suthep Junction u-turn at first bridge and it is on the left.
Open mid day – midnight
084 807 9116

18. Khao Tom Kon Supan

(¢éÒǵéÁ¤¹ÊؾÃó) (See Map: C1)

A variety of Thai dishes served with rice soup or rice, a very basic shop house.
Opposite side of the Super Highway from Wat Jed Yod.

19. Khao Tom Baht Diew
(¢éÒǵéÁºÒ·à´ÕÂÇ) (See Map: F1)

Each bowl of rice soup costs 1 baht only, but you pay for the huge variety of Chinese-Thai dishes that accompany it.
Off the Super Highway on the Chiang Mai-Mae Jo Road, a few hundred metres on the left hand side in a shop house.

20. Café De Nimman (See Map: B3)

The normal Thai dishes, with template internationals. However, highlights are the fusion type dishes such as Shanghai noodles, tom yum soft ribs, spicy ham salad.
The Room Project #1, Nimmanhaemin Road.
11 a.m.-11 p.m.
053 218 405

21. Khao Mok Kai Laila
(¢éÒÇËÁ¡ä¡èäÅÅÒ) (See Map: F6)

Rice and chicken marinated and cooked in curry sauce Halal style. Soft, succulent, aromatic dish. Very popular with Muslim community here.
In small soi opposite-ish Holiday Inn, near Transport Depo. 300 m down soi on right hand side.
Open 8 a.m.-7 p.m. at the house and on the street cart outside open ’til midnight.
053 800 401

22. Khao Tom Yong (¢éÒǵéÁÂé§) (See Map: B3)

Khao tom rice soup accompanied by over 100 savoury dishes.
Next to Kasikorn Bank on Suthep Road just before Nimmanhaemin Junction.
5 p.m.-2 a.m.
053 277 942

23. Implaphao (ÍÔèÁ»ÅÒà¼Ò) (See Map: A6)

Very famous for its grilled fish dishes which are fresh (fished from nearby pond) and delicious. Huge menu of hundreds of fish dishes, Thai, international and Chinese. Cheap with garden setting.
Irrigation Canal Road on the way to Royal Flora, opposite Mae Hia Market.
11 a.m.-10.30 p.m.
053 806 603, 053 350 098


24. Khao Soy Sutasinee
(¢éÒÇ«ÍÂÊظÒÊÔ³Õ) (See Map: E5)

As authentic as you get for this Burmese-influenced Lanna-claimed curry noodle dish. Cheap, rather grotty décor, but delicious, and one of the originals, having been around for many decades.
Down the soi beside The Empress Hotel off Chang Klan Road on opposite side of the road from the hotel heading towards Charoen Prathet Road.
8.30 a.m.-4 p.m.
053 273 152, 083 914 3457

25. Tom Yum Tum Noodles

(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂǵéÁÂÓµÑêÁ) (See Map: E5)

Spicy and very tasty noodles, pork fondue, rice with ribs with Chinese mushrooms and other delights.
Just before Khao Soy Sutasinee (previous).

26. Just Khao Soy (See Map: F4)

Pimp up your khao soy at this farang/Thai owned restaurant which serves traditional khao soy innovatively and in a fun, and pretty fancy setting. Tastes geared towards farang palettes.
Charoen Prathet Road just past The Chedi on the opposite side of the road.
11 a.m.-11 p.m.
053 818 641

27. Kuay Tiew Nai Fun
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇ㹽ѹ) (See Map: D6)

Posh noodle restaurant, favourite of Chiang Mai hi-so and Bangkok visitors (45-50 baht per dish). Great ribs, noodles and other dishes in classy setting.
Mahidol Road, a few hundred metres from Airport Plaza junction, sculptures of elephants at front of restaurant.

28. Kuay Chup Chang Moi
(¡ëǨÑ꺪éÒ§ÁèÍÂ) (See Map: E3)

Kuay chup large Chinese rolled noodles in great broth _ the best in the city.
Warorot Market, New Chang Moi Road, across the road from the famous Nameless Satay Cart in the Street Food section.
8.30 a.m.-3 p.m. (closed on the last Sunday of each month)
081 595 6144, 081 595 1317, 053 251 451

29. Khao Soy Islam (Halal Restaurant)
(¢éÒÇ«ÍÂÍÔÊÅÒÁ) (See Map: F4)

Serving all sorts of Halal dishes, delicious, spicy, curry marinated rice with baked goat and chicken and other dishes in a very plain little shop house. Popular at lunch time.
Night Bazaar area: head down Charoen Prathet Road towards Tha Pae Road, take last soi to the left back towards Night Bazaar, it is on your right hand side.
7 a.m.-5 p.m.
053 271 484

30. Lee La Noodle Restaurant
(ÃéÒ¹¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇÅÕÅÒ) (See Map: D2)

With an emphasis on health, these noodle dishes are cooked with vegetable stock and are infused with healthy herbs.
Down soi opposite Tanin Market
053 211 765, 081 595 5551

31. Kanom Jeen 10 Baht (Kanom Jeen Sanpakoi)
(¢¹Á¨Õ¹Êѹ»èÒ¢èÍÂ) (See Map: F4)

Huge helpings of very good ingredients and large variety of kanom jeen noodles. It’s ten baht a dish!
Cross Nawarat Bridge heading out of the city, turn right at Krung Thai Bank, turn right again by Kawila Army Camp and roadside market stall is on the left hand side in the market itself.

32. Kuay Tiew 5 Baht
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇ 5 ºÒ·) (See Map: F2)

What can we say? It’s 5 baht a bowl! (Though it used to be called Kuay Tiew 3 baht…inflation.)
Rattanakosin Road, beyond AKA Spa towards San Gu Lek Crematorium Junction on the same side of the road as AKA.
084 040 3794

33. Kuay Tiew Song at Warorot
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇ«é§) (See Map: E3)

Filled to the brim of the bowl, best and freshest fish ball noodles. You will have to sit with strangers because every available chair gets grabbed _ 30 baht bowls.
Down Lao Jo Soi of Warorot Market, past Chinese Temple, turn left down soi, follow bend to right, it is on your left hand side.

34. Mama Pad Na Regina
(ÁÒÁèҼѴ ˹éÒâçàÃÕ¹àÃÂÕ¹Ò) (See Map: F5)

Pure mama noodle heaven. If you love mama, then this is the restaurant. 25 baht dishes.
Opposite Regina Coeli School entrance on Charoen Prathet Road.

35. Kway Tiew Pla Si-ya
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇ»ÅÒà«ÕêÂÐ) (See Map: F1)

This place is really good because of just one thing: fish balls. Doesn’t sound like much, but if fish balls are your thing, then seek no further.
Drive past Tesco Lotus Kamtieng, cross the Ping River, u-turn immediate left and take first right along river towards the north, the small shop is by the right hand side.

36. Guang (ÅҴ˹éÒ ¡Ç§) (See Map: B3)

Standard Thai dishes but cheap & tasty. Might not look like much but they certainly know how to cook. Famous for its laad naa (noodles with gravy sauce).
Drive up Suthep Road heading towards Irrigation Canal Road, it is on the left just after Suan Dok Temple.

37. Khun Pang Noodles
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂǤسá»é§) (See Map: A2)

Noodle soups, wontons and stewed chicken on rice are the three main dishes served. Popular with university students and lecturers.
Irrigation Canal Road, in front of Chom Doi Condo, just before Bang Jak gas station and Citylife office.
Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (closed on the last Wednesday of each month)
08 1882 1121

38. Kuay Tiew Nai Suan Aroomdee
(See Map: A3)

The tom yam noodle soup here is extra special. This garden restaurant is a hit because of its lovely surroundings.
Irrigation Canal Road, heading south from Payom Market, u-turn at first bridge and it will be on your left.
Open 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
08 1764 6883

39. Kway Tiew Chang Moi Kafe
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂǪéÒ§ÁèÍ ¤Òà¿è) (See Map: D3)

One of the original noodle shops in Chiang Mai with delicious beef and pork meat balls. Served with tasty traditional Thai cold coffee.
Opposite Yupparaj School on Ratwitthi Road.
Open 6 a.m.-4 p.m.
053 290 067

40. Mae Jum Pa
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇáÁè¨Ó»Ò) (See Map: G6)

Huge bowls of noodle soup with very special meatballs, they also have a coffee shop that sells their own grown coffee.
Off Mahidol Road down Techno Asia School soi, look for sign.

41. Kuay Tiew Ped Charm Tow
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇà»ç´ªÒÁâµ) (See Map: B3)

Duck noodle soup with extremely spicy chilli paste.
Go along Irrigation Canal Road past Ton Payom Market, it is 500 metres on the left hand side beyond the market.

42. Yok Far (ÅҴ˹éÒË¡¿éÒ) (See Map: D3)
Famous laad naa, noodles with Chinese gravy, pork and vegetables. The gravy is famous for a good reason. Crunchy beef balls.
Near Yupparaj School, in front of Red Cross society, on Ratchapakinai Road.

43. Yentafo Siping
(àÂç¹µÒâ¿ÈÃÕ¾Ô§¤ì) (See Map: B3)

The red Chinese noodle soup with seafood is great here, as is the deep fried wonton with pork that comes with it.
Opposite Faculty of Pharmacy, CMU, on Suthep Road near Krung Thai Bank, in a shop house.
053 809 129

44. Kin Cen (ÃéÒ¹¡Ô¹àÊé¹) (See Map: A1, C3)

All things noodles and pasta in all sorts of original styles, this place is ahead of them all when it comes to teenage chic.
Branch 1: G Floor, Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex
Open 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
053 224 444 ext. 12011
Branch 2: Opposite the entrance of Chiang Mai University, Huay Kaew Road
Open 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
053 217 306

45. Chiang Rai Nam Ngeiw
(àªÕ§ÃÒ¹éÓà§ÕéÂÇ) (See Map: D2)
Original spicy kanom jeen noodles served up with a special Chiang Rai taste.
Opposite Mercure Hotel, Chang Peuk Road down a small soi and turn left, very small restaurant, you can ask when you get in the area for directions.

46. Kuay Tiew Tii Noi
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂǵÕë¹éÍÂ) (See Map: A3)

Apart from nam tok noodles (soup saturated in yummy blood) which is to die for, you’ll also find ‘dragon egg’ meatballs in salty eggs. Must say, doesn’t sound very good, but totally delicious.
Behind CMU, on Suthep Road opposite CMU Engineering Faculty Gate.

47. Kuay Tiew Baan Khum
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂǺéÒ¹¤ØéÁ) (See Map: B3)

A great variety of noodles: jade noodle khao soy, soft pork noodles, kanom jeen, traditional desserts and a plethora of other dishes. Huge crowds at lunch.
Turn off Suthep Road down Sanam Bin Kao Road (towards Wing 41), turn right opposite the large Kanom Sen Restaurant, head down soi, see tons of cars parked and it is in a scruffy house on the right.
Open 8.30 a.m.-3 p.m.

48. Malee Tom Yum Noodles
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂǵéÁÂÓÁÒÅÕÊØ⢷ÑÂ) (See Map: C3)

Original spicy old fashioned noodles (make sure you ask for mild if you can’t handle the heat).
89 Plaza, Saraphee Road
9 a.m.-4 p.m.
089 635 6399

49. Ong Tipparot
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇ Íëͧ·Ô¾ÂìÃÊ)(See Map: D3, A3)
Nicknamed ‘nipple noodles’ for its cute nipply fishballs, this shop is also famous for the owner who can calculate orders faster than any computer – go on, test him!
Prapokklao Road, on left hand side before reaching Chang Peuk Gate.
6 p.m.-5 a.m.
053 212 712

50. Noodle Mao
(ºÐËÁÕèàËÁÒ) (See Map: C2)

The owner is a huge fan of Mao Tse Tung: funky, cute, modern recently opened Yunnanese noodle shop. Very adorable.
CEL Concept, corner of Nimmanhaemin Soi 5 and Sirimankalajarn Roads.
053 894 422

51. Kuay Tiew Ped Thong Chai Pochana
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇà»ç´ ¸§ªÑÂâÀª¹Ò)
(See Map: E4)

Original Chiang Mai duck noodle shop also serving rice with duck, satay and rice with pork knuckles.
Outer Ka Tam Moat Corner, head down Sri Donchai Road and it is on the left hand side exactly by the junction.
7 a.m.-4 p.m.
053 282 065

52. Laad Na Nam Chai
(ÅҴ˹éÒ ¹ÓªÑÂ) (See Map: B3)

Famous for its raad na (noodles with gravy) as well as si-ew (noodles with soy sauce) with seafood, chicken, beef, or pork.
Off Suthep Road heading towards Wing 41, just beyond Ping Payom on the right hand side.
7 a.m.-11 p.m.
081 765 6619

53. Pad Tai Lung Kaew
(¼Ñ´ä·ÂÅاá¡éÇ) (See Map: C3)

Famous for its really cheap and flavoursome pad tai infused with fresh ingredients. You have to wait in line on this push-cart stall. Great fried oyster omelettes.
Arak Road just before reaching Suan Dok Gate and 7/11 on the left hand side.
6 p.m.-1 a.m.

54. Khao Soy Sen Nual
(¢éÒÇ«ÍÂàÊé¹¹ÇÅ) (See Map: B2)

Yunnanese style khao soy with really tender home made noodles. Sit under a large tree and absorb the lovely ambiance while slurping away.
Think Park on the corner of Huay Kaew and Nimmanhaemin Roads (opposite Amari Rincome)
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

55. Bamee Kiew Kung Hong Kong
(ºÐËÁÕèà¡ÕéÂÇ¡Øé§ Îèͧ¡§) (See Map: D2)

Been around for 15 years, and famed for its very sweet soup stock as well as huge fresh prawns swimming in the bowl of egg noodles.
Sriphum Road, on the left hand side before reaching Chang Peuk Gate.
5 p.m.-1 a.m.
053 210 616

56. Kuay Tiew Tamlung
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂǵÓÅÖ§) (See Map: B2)

Really tasty noodles long famous for its creative use of tamlung vegetable in the noodle soup.
Nimmanhaemin Soi 1 on the right hand side, a few shop houses down.
8.30 a.m.-3.30 p.m.
053 224 741

57. Kuay Chup Tung Hotel
(¡ëǨÑ꺷Øè§âÎàµçÅ) (See Map: G3)

Flat rolled Chinese noodles served in brothy soup filled with goodies.
Tung Hotel Road opposite Industrial Promotion Centre.
10 a.m.-3 p.m. closed on Sundays

58. Pad Tai Tha Pae
(¼Ñ´ä·Â·èÒá¾) (See Map: E3)

Known for its fresh home made noodles. Great place to stop to pick up pad tai to take away, as it’s all wrapped up in banana leaf.
No longer on Tha Pae, on Sitthiwong Road which leads toward Chang Moi Road, unfortunately it is one way, so best to park on Chang Moi and walk up the soi. It’s on the left.
3 p.m.-9 p.m.


59. Jia Thong Heng
(à¨Õè·é§àΧ) (See Map: F4)

Budget Chinese restaurant with traditional Chinese round tables. Famous for its oysters fried in egg batter and chestnut stuffed duck.
Sridonchai Road, opposite Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel.
Open 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
053 275 242, 053 273 593

60. Ninja Ramen
(¹Ô¹¨Ò ÃÒàÁç§) (See Map: C2)

Original old Japanese restaurant with great variety of gyoza and ramen dishes. Medium range prices.
Sirimankalajarn Road, opposite iMac (near Huay Kaew Junction).
11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 6-10 p.m.
053 215 551

61. Le Spice (See Map: F4)

Acclaimed Indian restaurant serving delicious Indian dishes. A nice, slightly hip, little restaurant, simple and unpretentious.
Charoen Prathet Road, Soi 6
Open 10.30 a.m.-midnight
053 234 926, 053 234 970, 053 234 983

62. Jasmine Dim Sum (See Map: E5)

Long been one of the most beloved dim sum restaurants in the city, serving delicious Peking duck and a large variety of dim sum (try the fried taro).
Royal Princess Hotel, Chang Klan Road
Open 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 6-10 p.m.
053 253 900, 053 281 033

63. Nasi Jampru (¹Ò«Ô ¨Ó»ÃÙë) (See Map: G1)

Innovative fusion food with flavours of Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, India and many other regional cuisines in a romantic beautiful wooden house. Good wine selection.
Chiang Mai-Mae Jo Road just beyond the PPT petrol station, on the opposite side of the road (right)
Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
081 831 9325, 089 851 6118

64. GM Sausage (See Map: H4)

Supplier of sausages and pork knuckles to most of the best restaurants and pubs in the city. They have 170 baht lunch buffets on Sundays and are open evenings for delicious and cheap German cuisine. Very very popular.
Sankampaeng area (best to call for directions, there isn’t enough space in the page to get you there!)
053 840 531

65. Tsunami Restaurant (See Map: A1)

Loads of great, cheap, Japanese dishes, packed every night, for a good reason.
Huay Keaw Road next to Lanna 3 Condominium just beyond Phucome Intersection heading towards CMU.
Open 5.30 -11.30 p.m.
087 189 9338

66. Baan Suan Nom
(ºéÒ¹Êǹ¹Á) (See Map: A1)

Very chilled Thai uni student milk shop in a bucolic setting in and around a funky looking house, mashed potatoes and all sweet delights, a great place to chill and read a book.
Huay Kaew Road, go to Doi Suthep, on the right side before CMU entrance.
Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
086 911 2914

67. Mr Chan (See Map: A6)

Steaks and pastas at reasonable prices, a favourite spot for Thais to eat farang food. The beef steak is a must. Swedish food.
Mae Hia, past Royal Flora traffic lights on Irrigation Canal Road, on Royal Flora side of Canal.
Open Mondays-Fridays 5-10 p.m. and Saturdays – Sundays midday – 10 p.m.
053 431 659

68. Kitchen Hush (See Map: F3)

Real, authentic Japanese home cooking with pleasant ambience that makes you feel you are right in Japan.
Cozy wooden house near Prince Royal College. Kaew Nawarat Road, Soi 2, closed every Wednesday.
053 246 432

69. Cheap Charlie’s Fish and Chips
(See Map: E4)

English bloke came to Chiang Mai to show us what real fish and chips tastes like. Other British food available. Very basic setting _ the ubiquitous neon.
Kampaengdin Road, Soi 1 but can be easily accessed by the road behind Wat Loi Kroh on the Loi Kroh Road.
069 162 418

70. Chiang Mai German Brewery
(See Map: H3)

For a pork knuckle plate, some huge sausages and the best beer in the city – often at 2 for 1.
Behind Carrefour, head straight down the road that is just after the Carrefour entrance, it’s right at the end.

71. Mei Jiang (àËÁ à¨Õ§) (See Map: E5)

A small air-con restaurant serving as-authentic-as-it-comes Hong Kong Chinese food.
Chang Klan Road, in Chang Klan Plaza next to Shangri-la Hotel.
053 821 112

72. Le Gong Kham
(See Map: C2)

Vietnamese food in tropical garden setting. Fairly pricey, but really huge selection of delicious Vietnamese dishes.
In front of Suan Doi House, Huay Kaew Road.
Open 7 a.m.-9 p.m.
053 221 869, 053 406 091

73. Khun Noi Cuisine
(¤Ø³¹éÍ ¤Ù«Õ¹) (See Map: A2)

Italian food but Thai style restaurant, very cheap and clean.
Under Lily Apartment, down soi on the opposite side of the canal from the Citylife office, on the right hand side.

74. Charcoal Bakery and Restaurant
(See Map: E3)

Bed and breakfast with restaurant serving international dishes _ great duck l’orange and fruit smoothies. In a small cute little house.
Inside of Sriphum Corner, Sriphum Road, turn corner and take first left down the soi.
Open 7.30 a.m.-10 p.m.
053 212 681

75. Yod Aroy (ÂÍ´ÍÃèÍÂ) (See Map: E6)

Thai-Chinese cuisine, very famous, and the prices are getting a bit higher than before. Used to be a scruffy shop house, but now has air-con and proper Chinese round tables.
Chang Klan Road, on the opposite side of the road beyond Chiang Mai Land turn-off.

76. Kho Khun Ponyangkham Restaurant
(⤢ع â¾¹ÂÒ§¤Ó) (See Map: A2)

Air-con and open aired restaurant where you can cook your own steak and beef. Famous for all beef favourites: rump, t-bone, etc. You can also buy the excellent quality beef to take home.
Irrigation Canal Road on the left hand side just before Phucome Hotel and Huay Kaew Road.
4 p.m.-11 p.m.
053 221 111

[u]Muang Northern Thai Cuisine

77. Huan Pen (àÎ×͹à¾ç­) (See Map: D4)

Great for lunch, packed, scruffy, simple setting, but serving all the northern delights at fantastically cheap prices. More popular with Bangkok visitors than locals, at night it smarts up and even serves wines in candle light.
Corner of Jahban and Ratchamankha Roads.
Open 8.30 a.m.-4 p.m. and 5-10 p.m.
053 814 548, 053 277 103

78. Come Dara (¤Ó´ÒÃÒ) (See Map: F3)

Northern Thai dishes in a nice riverside old home restaurant setting. Good service, decent wine list and a lovely place to take out of town guests for a Chiang Mai experience.
Charoen Rat Road, opposite La Luna Gallery.
Open 11 a.m.-11 p.m.
053 248 751-2

79. Krua Sompongse
(¤ÃÑÇÊÁ¾§Éì) (See Map: D1)

Traditional Lanna dishes, particularly famed for its large sized frog dishes _ tastes like chicken!
Before Mae Rim Town (call us)

80. Huan Jai Yong
(àÎ×͹ã¨ëÂͧ) (See Map: H6)

Old traditional northern Thai restaurant in Sankampaeng. Culinary experts.
From Big C, turn left and go to Sankhampaeng around 10 km, on your right side.
Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
086 671 8710, 086 730 2673

81. Laab Rim Klong
(ÃéÒ¹ÅÒºÃÔÁ¤Åͧ) (See Map: A4)

Deep fried ruby fish with crispy skin outside and steamy soft white meat inside. They also have laab and many more local dishes to try.
Heading south on Irrigation Canal Road from Payom Market it will be on your left hand side about 2 km.
086 194 2477

82. Laab Yong (ÅÒºÂͧ) (See Map: C2)

If you like laab you’ll like it here, they are laab experts. Plastic stool seating in a tin shack.
Soi 11, Sirimankalajarn Road opposite the rather empty 2BR office complex.

83. Baan Rai Yam Yen
(ºéÒ¹äÃèÂÒÁàÂç¹) (See Map: F1)

Cheap but great variety of Lanna dishes with an incongruous western cowboy vibe! Live county and western music.
From Lotus Kamtieng cross the Ping River, u-turn immediate left and take first right along river towards the north, there is a soi to the right, head down it, it is a big restaurant.
Open Mondays-Saturdays 11 a.m.-midnight and Sundays 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
053 247 999, 053 244 796

84. Huan Soontaree
(àÎ×͹Êع·ÃÕ) (See Map: E1)

The famous Soontaree Vechanont, songbird of the north, croons to adoring crowds by the Ping River restaurant serving authentic northern food.
Towards Le Crystal Restaurant, Patan Road, on the right hand side.
Open 5 p.m.-midnight
053 872 707-8


85. Salad House
(ÃéÒ¹Êǹ¼Ñ¡) (See Map: C5)

Hydroponic vegetables picked daily from adjacent farm mixed and tossed into gourmet salads with tasty sauces.
Airport Road, opposite Airport Business Park.
Open 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
053 904 201

86. Khun Churn Vegetarian
(ÃéÒ¹ÍÒËÒäسàªÔ­) (See Map: B3)

Best veggie buffet lunch in town for 80 baht per head with every dish so tasty that non veggies also adore this charming garden restaurant. Selection of great herbal drinks too included in the price.
Nimmanhaemin Soi 17
081 881 3032

87. Blue Diamond (See Map: E3)

This – partly – veggie restaurant is well known to most of the expat community, great healthy food.
Moon Muang Soi 9, easy to find

[u]Street Food

88. Nameless Satay Cart
(ÃÊà¢ç¹ ËÁÙÊÐàµêÐ) (See Map: E3)

A simple push cart, famous for nearly half a century for the best succulent satay in the city.
Head down Chang Moi Road, cross Mae Kha Bridge, and immediately turn right before Chang Moi Tad Mai Road (the road that goes the wrong way) down the small soi, the cart is on the corner on the left before rejoining Chang Moi Tad Mai Road.

89. Kuay Tiew Lod na Fa Thani
(¡ëÇÂàµÕëÂÇËÅÍ´ ˹éÒ¿éÒ¸Ò¹Õ)(See Map: C2)

Delicious rich noodle soup, filled with all sorts of lovely ingredients such as quails eggs and dried squid. A hugely popular lunch, or take away, venue. Fresh spring rolls.
In front of the old Fa Thani theatre on Huay Kaew Road just past Sirimankalajarn t-junction on the left as heading towards the mountain, food served out of the back of a pickup truck.
10 a.m.-3 p.m. (closed on Sundays)
081 568 4710

90. Moo Yang Jinda
(ËÁÙÂèÒ§¨Ô¹´Ò) (See Map: F3)

For after club drinks and late night munchies…sticky rice, grilled pork, grilled chicken, etc.
In the night market area of the Warorot Market – wafting deliciously aromatic smoke will guide you right to the stall.

91. Kai Thord Technic
(ä¡è·Í´à·¤¹Ô¤) (See Map: D3)

Fried chicken, served by a very flamboyant owner. He coats his hands in his chicken’s cumin infused batter and actually uses his hands and arms to swish around the hot oil. Rather disturbing, but quite entertaining if you like that sort of thing.
Beside Chiang Mai Technical College on Wiang Kaew Road, Soi Klang Reun Jam Road.
Open 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
08 1289 9388

92. Kai Thord Tiang Kuen
(ä¡è·Í´à·Õ觤׹) (See Map: E4)

This is a place everyone goes to after the bars close for northern treats like nam prik, grilled pork and chicken. Full of drunken party revellers. Open very late!
Kampeangdin Road, a short distance on the left when turning right from Sridonchai Road.

93. Khao Ka Moo Chang Puak
(¢éÒÇ¢ÒËÁÙªéÒ§à¼×Í¡) (See Map: D3)

Everyone goes here for their pork leg and gravy, you’ll have to queue up at night time.
In Chang Puak night market, by the road side, Maneenoparat Road.
081 366 2969

94. Tako Jung (·Òâ¡Ð¨Ñ§) (See Map: A1)

Japanese treats as cheap as they come, you can’t eat sushi anywhere else for this price.
Huay Kaew Road before CMU gate in the CMU food court opposite 7/11.

95. Sai Uah ‘Kao Ba-kaam’
(äÊéÍÑèÇ à¡êҺТÒÁ) (See Map: A6)

Grilled sai uah, intestines, with a unique flavour and tons of herbs and spices. Worth the drive.
Mae Hia market on the way to the Royal Flora.

96. Moo Ping Khun Por
(ËÁÙ»Ô駤س¾èÍ) (See Map: B3)

Famous for its black and purple rice beautifully packaged in banana leaf and placed into a pretty brown bag served with BBQ pork on a stick.
Nimmanhaemin Road (opposite the soi entrance to Kantary Hills)
5.30 a.m.-10 a.m. and 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

97. Kai Yang Pratu Chiang Mai
(ä¡èÂèÒ§»ÃеÙàªÕ§ãËÁè) (See Map: D4)

Husband and wife hill tribe couple have stalls near each other selling the most delicious grilled chicken. Succulent, tasty and cheap.
The last stall on the right hand side of Bumrungburi Road before hitting the gate itself.
Open evenings and night.


98. Tai Ton Mafeung
(ÃéÒ¹ãµéµé¹ÁÐà¿×ͧ) (See Map: F1)

Succulent prawns the size of baby fists, lightly fried with garlic and pepper, sweet crab meat saturated in curry juice…fresh seafood in a rambling and chilled shack on the Ping River. BYOB.
info@chiangmaicitylife.com for a map…it’s THAT hard to find!

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99. Mahachai Seafood
(ÁËҪѫտÙê´) (See Map: H1)

Fresh seafood straight from Mahachai, near Bangkok, cooked in the ‘central Thai style’ by the owner ‘Paa Paad’. Come early to avoid the crowd. Waiting can be up to 2 hours.
Next to ‘Baan Pimuk’, opposite Payap University’s 1st outer ring entrance, you’ll see a bright sign with ‘Paa Paad’s’ photo.

[u]Isaan North Eastern Cuisine

100. Veera Laab Ped
(ÇÕÃÐÅÒºà»ç´) (See Map: B2)

Best duck spicy laab in the city. Seriously spicy and not for the delicate tongue or stomach.
Nimmanhaemin Soi 7, towards Sirimankalajarn on the right hand side.
Open midday-2 p.m. and 5-9 p.m.
053 894 154

101. Som Tam Batre Cue by Vieng Bua
(ÊéÁµÓºÑµÃ¤ÔÇ) (See Map: C1)

Som tam at ridiculously cheap prices, in huge portions so popular you have to take a number to wait in line.
Soi Vieng Bua next to Tanin Market. Go down soi and it will face you at the end of the soi.
Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (closed on Mondays)
08 4047 8928

102. isaan Laan Percent
(ÃéÒ¹ÍÕÊÒ¹ÅéÒ¹à»ÍÃìà«ç¹µì) (See Map: A1)

Definitely one of the best places to eat som tam and grilled meats in the city. Huge grilled fish. Tons of students.
Directly opposite Huay Kaew’s CMU entrance.

103. Ruam Jai Kai Yang
(ÃÇÁã¨ä¡èÂèÒ§) (See Map: C3)

Great grilled chicken and pork with papaya salad. Packed all the time, another landmark restaurant. Succulent, soft and crunchy pork tendons in a spicy broth.
Next to Chiang Mai Ram l hospital, Boonruangrit Road
053 275 912

104. Lung Rut
(ÃéÒ¹ÅاÃѵ¹ìä¡èͺ¿Ò§) (See Map: H3)

Special baked chicken in straw (kai ob fang) and Isaan food is a Thai favourite here, the cooks are experts in making chicken dishes.
Behind Carrefour Supermarket, in food restaurant zone
085 380 2456

105. Yod Zaap Sarapi
(ÂÍ´á«èºÊÒÃÀÕ) (See Map: H6)

If you think you can eat spicy food, this restaurant will prove you wrong! Yod Zaap’s highlights includes kaeng om with frog, pad cha talay, red hot tom yum and many more.
Chiang Mai-Lamphun super highway, go past TOT, do a u-turn and the shop is on the left hand side, Saraphee District, a large garden restaurant.


106. Brownie
(ºØ¿à¿èµìÊàµç¡ ºÃÒǹÕè) (See Map: F1)

Steak buffet Thai style, great value for money. Good location and friendly, convivial atmosphere.
Next to Buonissimo on Faham Road.
Open 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
053 306 667

107. Su Su Run
(à¹×éÍ¡ÃзР«Ù«ÙÃѹ) (See Map: C6)

BBQ moo ka ta beef where you cook your own good quality beef at the table. Not cheap but still, this is where you can eat as much cow as you want and it won’t tear your teeth out.
Mahidol Road, left side going to Airport Plaza, about 500 metres before junction, next to Ford Centre.
Open 11 a.m.-3 p,m. and 5-12 p.m.

108. Kanom Cen
(¢¹ÁàÊé¹) (See Map: B3)

All you can eat buffet with loads of sauces and flavours for your noodles, only 59 baht, great value.
Turn towards Wing 41 off Suthep Road on the left hand side of the road, just before entering the airforce base.

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