Ten reasons your business needs a website

Do you need a website for your business these days? Many think not. They believe a Facebook page is sufficient for their online marketing needs, perhaps with an Instagram page or Twitter account. But they’re wrong – here’s why:

1.  Branding
If you are using social media, your branding opportunities are limited to a cover and profile picture wrapped around the social media platforms brand. Your website gives you complete control over your brand and messaging.

2.  Credibility
A website gives your business credibility. Anyone can set up a Facebook page in a few minutes, a website provides your business authority and demonstrates you are serious about what you do.

3.  Accessibility
Your website means your business is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, Offering potential customers a range of ways to contact you.

4.  Online shop window
Your website allows you to showcase all your goods and services exactly how you want. Video, pictures, text and customer reviews enable you to present your business exactly how you want.

5.  Get found by potential customers
Your website can be found on Google (and other search engines) by customers searching for precisely the products and services your business offers.

6.  Demonstrate your expertise
Use content on your website to demonstrate the unique expertise it has to solve your customer’s problems and meet their needs.

7.  Stand out from your competitors
Get an edge over your competitors that do not have a website.

8.  Understand your customers better
Google Analytics will provide you with key information about your customers, who they are and what they are looking at on your site. This information can help you strategically target new customers.

9.  Optimise targeted advertising
Once you know who your audience is and what they have looked at, you can target them with advertising online advertising through Google, Facebook and other online advertising platforms. This is known ad retargeting advertising and it is ten times more effective than traditional online advertising.

10.  Sell online
A website allows you to sell online, reaching a wider audience, creating more sales and increasing revenue.


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