| Website advertising opportunity in Chiang Mai

CityNow! offers website banner advertising opportunities to Chiang Mai businesses. Citynow! is Chiang Mai’s leading events listing and social life site. CityNow! is operated by Citylife Group, Northern Thailand’s leading English language media company. The site is fully integrate with the Group’s other media so advertisers experience additional benefit driven through our print and social media channels.


The CityNow! website is divided into two sections:

What’s On Chiang Mai: provides the most comprehensive English language event listing in the city. The site has 18 different categories making it easy for website users to find the events and activities that interest them.

Chiang Mai Social Life: is the most comprehensive photographic record of the city’s social scene featuring over 7,000 individual social events and comprising over one million pictures.

| Reach targeted audiences in Chaing Mai 

CityNow! site is visited by web users who are actively looking for events and activities in Chiang Mai. Our visitors are English speaking Thai residents, the expatriate community and Thai and overseas visitors to Chiang Mai. Our visitors have high levels of disposable income that they are looking to spend.

The CityNow! website experiences significant traffic levels as demonstrated by the figures provided by Google below.

What’s On Chiang Mai is divided into 18 different categories, each offering banner advertising opportunities enabling businesses to target customer in their particular niche.

| Benefits of Advertising on CityNow!

Banner advertisers on CityNow! receive a number of additional benefits that greatly enhance the value the receive.

  • Feature your brand on Chiang Mai’s leading events website
  • Reach an audience actively looking for events and activities in your business niche
  • Link from your ad to your website, Facebook page or any other internet domain
  • Get priority listings for your events and offers on CityNow!
  • Receive preferential coverage of your events on the Social Life pages
  • Your events cross-promoted on Citylife’s social media pages
  • Receive priority listings on Citylife’s weekly Chiang Mai events email
  • Qualify for discounts on other Citylife Group Services

It you would like to know find out more about advertising on Citynow! please download our brochure or email