Recycling Party!

November 30 - March 28



WHERE: Free Bird Cafe

WHY: It is difficult for many to find places to recycle their household and travel items, especially things like batteries, electronics, etc. We want to make sure those things don’t end up in landfills or burned creating a toxic environment.

WHAT CAN I BRING: CLEAN ONLY: Batteries, broken electronics, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cardboard packaging, etc. for recycling. These are items that we usually don’t accept in our donation center.

WHAT ABOUT THE DONATION CENTER THAT IS ALREADY THERE, Free Bird Pre-Loved Charity Shop and Donation Center: For over a decade, we have collected, sorted and distributed Chiang Mai’s used household items, clothing, bedding, decor, office, school supplies, etc. WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF HOUSEHOLD ITEMS AND CLOTHING as usual, this special event is for RECYCLABLE MATERIALS that we don’t accept into our donation center. Hours are; Closed on Monday, Tu-Sa 9am-9pm and Sun 9am-5pm.

WHAT IF I HAVE ITEMS THAT ARE IN GOOD CONDITION AND NOT FOR BEING RECYCLED: If they are electronic or appliances, please put a note on them that says it is working or what is wrong with it. Everything else, you can always bring to our donation center where we will sort and pack to send to communities in need all over N Thailand or sell to fund our projects for refugees.

DETAILS: We are super excited for this new partnership! Starting Sat 30 Nov and every Sat at 10am, Aimdee recycling team will come to pick up recycling at our center! They use the profits for charity much like we do from our social enterprises (100% profits from Free Bird Cafe go to Thai Freedom House, profits from My Best Life CNX go to a scholarship fund for refugees from Burma and profits from Free Bird Pre-Loved Charity Shop and Donation Center go to sorting and distribution of donated items to communities in need). They accept the hard to dispose of properly items like batteries, electronics, etc. We will be passing on the items from our donation center and restaurant that need recycling and you can come along too and give your things directly to them!
Put it in your calendar now.

This event is about collecting specifically waste for recycling and difficult to recycle things, that you can bring on Sat morning from 9am to be collected at 10am.

Other donated items can always be dropped at our center; Tu-Sa 9am-10.30am and Sun 9am-5pm.

Event Details

Timing: 9am - 10.30am

Free Bird Cafe

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