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Traveler’s Guide to Enjoying the Best of Thailand

Thailand might seem to be a just a country where you can do cheap shopping sprees and enjoy cheap food. However, there is a lot more to do in the country! Here is your guide so you can stay away from the typical activities and look forward to a more engaging experience both in and out of the tourist-filled attractions of Thailand.

Enjoy A Massage And Spa

Treat yourself to an exclusive pampering time at a Thai salon with a variety of massage and spa options to choose from. You can opt for the classic Wat Pho massage or pick between a Thai foot spa, facial massage and reflexology session. You can also try aromatherapy sessions which experts believe can give harmony and boost overall health of the body. Most spa centers in Thailand provide year-round discount packages so that you can enjoy all their services without emptying your bank account.

Visit The Beach

Thailand has a lot of paradise-like beaches such as those found in Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya. The beach has been a part of life for locals in the country. The water in the beaches is clear blue-green with breathtaking views of jungle-filled mountain ranges. You can hike through Prachuap Kiri Khan which is a distant coast in the south of Thailand where there are fewer tourists. You can also visit the limestone karsts in the majestic beaches of Krabi. Wherever beach you choose, you can submerge yourself in the crystal clear waters and pure white sand with a beer in your hand. Soak yourself in the sun during the day and enjoy the bass in parties all throughout the night. Most of the beaches in Thailand offer exclusive passages to lavish yachts. You just have to remember to bring your lotion and sunblock to protect your skin from the sun.

Shopping Spree

Thailand is a dream come true destination for all shopaholics. As soon as you wake up, rush to Chinatown for the cheapest clothes around then head to Siam for its popular night markets. While you are at Siam, checkout all the amazing souvenirs such as locally made handicrafts and home decorations. For people who prefer going to malls, you can visit the EmQuartier located at Phrom Phong. Emquartier is your one-stop shop for high-class luxuries since it houses over 400 brands under its roof. Shop here for bags at Chanel and Louis Vuitton, eat at world-renowned restaurants or buy the latest gadgets so you can watch your favorite movies and TV series anytime and anywhere.

Eat Street Food

When visiting Bangkok, never miss the cheap food offered on its streets. For only a dollar, you can get to eat the best Thai specialties you have ever had. With such a low price, you could eat like a sumo wrestler at any time of the day, and night! One of the best places to try mouthwatering street food is at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. At the market, you can jump from kiosk to kiosk so you can try various viands and drinks. For some, the street foods in Bangkok are even better than those found inside restaurants. So, better stick to those food carts and indulge your taste buds without worrying about your budget.


Learn History

Ayutthaya is a place that displays the ancient glory of Thailand. Tourists can explore the scary but historic ruins of the country’s former capital. This city was considered the most vital area in Thailand during the previous decades and the ancient temples are a testament to this. There are also nearby museums where visitors can learn about the influence of other nations on Thailand at a certain era. Ayutthaya is just a short ride from Bangkok, making it a good option to visit even if you have limited time.

Explore The Floating Market

One of the most suggested activity to do on a Thailand getaway is to visit the popular Floating Markets. Despite the numerous tourists flooding the area, the local government seemed unfazed in retaining its beauty. You can make your visit to the market more memorable by renting a small boat and sail through the crowded river. Here, you can buy local fruits, seafood, souvenirs and even eat authentic Thai food on one of the floating markets. You can do this activity alone or avail a group tour which includes an additional visit to nearby houses and shops.

Dine With Style

If ever you are wondering what you can do during a night out in Thailand, you can consider joining a cruise and enjoy a nice dinner date with your special someone on the rivers of Chao Phraya. The cruise does not only provide sumptuous dinners but it will also host a show that provides wonderful entertainment on board the ship. Spend the rest of the evening dancing to live music and gaze upon the alluring lights of Bangkok’s skyline.

Learn History