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A Day Out With the Family

Start off with a healthy lunch of Thai food that suits all palates, grab a cheap sweet Bingsu then head off to Central Festival for an afternoon showing in the 4DX cinema!

4DX Cinema-Major Cineplex Central Festival
Rumble, whoosh, splash, shake. What if your film came alive when you watched it? Bullets and glass jump out towards your face in 3D. Your face is sprayed the instant a villian jumps into the water. Your chair shakes along with the sound of an explosion, and you get a quick jab in the back as the hero on screen is punched in the kidneys.

Major Cineplex’s 4DX Cinema, the only one of its kind in the north of Thailand, is an experience that will make you feel as though you are part of the movie. Packed with mostly-action films for best effect, hold onto your popcorn and prepare for a roller-coaster experience that takes you deep into the heart of the film, immersing you with the feelings and the excitement on a whole new level. Check the weekly schedules online or at the cinema itself to find out what exciting film is showing on 4DX today.

4DX Cinema, Major Cineplex CentralFestival top floor
025 155 555

Panwa Kitchen
With so much fusion and many international offerings in the city it is sometimes refreshing to dig into a truly traditional Thai meal. At Panwa Kitchen, classical central Thai dishes, some rarely found outside the capital, are meticulously cooked using not just local ingredients, but traditional methods. Don’t miss their delicious signature dishes, crab meat with wild betel leaf in hot curry, pomelo wrapped in salad leves served with Thai herbs, lemongrass wrapped in salad leaves and served with Thai herbs, crab meat in a creamy coconut stew and much more. In addition, there is 10% discount promotion for anyone who checks into the Panwa on Facebook or Instagram.

Open 10am – 10pm
20 Boon Ruang Rit Road
Facebook: panwachiangmai
053 270 622


Bingsu, the soft milk snow dessert from Korea, is all the rage in Chiang Mai now, but for most of us, one bowl is too much on the stomach…and the wallet. But now we can all enjoy Bingsu from just 30 baht a pop! Just bring a few coins and you’ll be able to tuck into a range of toppings such as strawberry, mango, Oreo, red bean and cracker nuts. Each topping is homemade (apart from the Oreos) and chemical free, and perfect for kids! SnoowinG uses traditional Bingsu bowls and spoons imported from Korea, as is the machine that makes the famous milk snow. If you are with a date, why not share a large bowl of Love Story, topped with strawberry and moulded into a heart shape. And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, don’t forget the hidden buttery crumble found in each and every bowl.

Open 10am – 8pm
Floor B1, Lad Suan Kaew lot no. 21, near Hot Pot
Facebook: SnoowinG Milk Bingsu
088 269 5562