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O Varuth Thai Movie Star in Coma

CityNews – A Thai movie star, O Varuth is in coma for recurrent diseases.

Varuth Waratham, who is known as O Varuth, a Thai movie star, has been in coma since yesterday, August 9th. The 49 year old Chiang Mai resident who catapulted to fame in the film Sunset at Chaopraya (Khu Kam) has been suffering for years for alcohol related illnesses. After over 30 years of struggling with his addiction, he bounced back into the business about a year ago by opening coffee shop at his house in Nam Phare, Hang Dong District, telling Citylife that he was ready for recovery and a return to the industry.

Ram Waratham, O Varuth’s father explained that on the evening of August 9th, O Varuth was back home from a work trip in Lamphun when he collapsed onto the bed and had a seizure. He was sent to the emergency at Hang Dong Hospital.

The hospital disclosed that the actor has low blood pressure and still needs the medical ventilator to help breathing. His heart reportedly stops occasionally. He is still unconscious today (August 10th).

As he has several diseases including diabetes and hypertension, his father stated to reporters that the family is ready to accept any incident.