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Family Pushes for Justice for Baby who Died at Hot Hospital

CityNews – A family blaming Hot Hospital for the death of their baby continues to push for an investigation.

Following a report exposing the death of an eight month old baby who died by unclear causes at Hot District Hospital on September 11th, the family were able to demand a meeting with Dr. Tawit Kaewprasert, the hospital director at the district hall the following day. The hospital director reportedly agreed to financially support the family for any costs, but explained that the cause of the death still had not been found.

During the baby’s funeral, the family spotted injection marks on baby’s neck, arms and legs, a bruise on her chest, and traces of blood in her nasal cavity and mouth. The death certificate issued by the hospital stated that the baby died from heart failure which, to the family, seemed absurd considering their baby suffered from a cold.

The family has filed the case to Damrong Dhama demanding the case to be investigated. Today, September 13th, the family was contacted by an unnamed organisation who “works on migrant workers issue in Chiang Mai” to assist in the matter.