Taste of Vietnam

October 2 - October 11

Experience Vietnam when showcasing the dishes of two guests from Crowne Plaza West Hanoi, Chef Houng Thi Thu Huyen and Chef Kieu Thanh Cong. Featuring Vietnamese specialty dishes such as Traditional Vietnamese “Pho” with Beef or Chicken (Phở bò/ gà truyền thống), Hanoi Fresh Spring rolls with Green mango and Prawns (Nem cuốn tôm và xoài xanh),Caramelised Fish in claypot (Cá kho tộ), Grilled Fish “La Vong” style (Chả cá Lã Vọng) and Fried rice Hanoi-sytle (Cơm rang phong cách Hà Nội ) just to name a few.

For all Vietnamese food lovers, this is one buffet you can’t resist! Hurry and book your table now. For every 2,000 baht spend, enter into a lucky draw and get a chance to win one of the special prizes.

Event Details


Holiday Inn Chiangmai

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