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Emergence and Transformation: Contemporary Art in Cambodia

May 26

Asian Culture Station is pleased to invite you to a talk by Vuth Lyno, visual artist, curator, and co-founding Artistic Director of Sa Sa Art Projects.

This is an introduction to a history of Cambodian contemporary art accompanied with case studies. After Cambodia gained independence from France in 1953, the capital of Phnom Penh transformed into one of the foremost modern cities in the region. It was a “golden age” of New Khmer Architecture, cinema, rock ‘n’ roll, design and visual arts, shaped by influences of foreign cultures and revisiting of the local.

The era was ended by the American-backed military government in 1970, which was followed by the 1975’s genocidal Khmer Rouge regime who abandoned the capital and introduced a nation-wide, extreme agrarian society. About 90% of the intellectuals including artists were killed, died or fled abroad. When the Khmer Rouge fell in 1979, conflicts between political factions persisted until 1990. After the 1993’s new constitution, Cambodia re-opened world’s market economy, and Cambodian contemporary art has grown and re-entered the international stages.

Vuth Lyno will share his perspective on how Cambodian contemporary art emerged and transforms over the course of history. He will also continue to work with ACS for an exhibition project later this year.

The talk will be mainly in English and interpreted into Thai. The Q&A session will alternate between the English and Thai languages.

Admission fee: Free of charge

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Timing: 5 - 7pm

Asian Culture Station