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Chiang Mai International Butoh Dance Festival

December 2 - December 7

A festival features extraordinary performances from world class Butoh master Katsura Kan from Japan and new generation Butoh dancers from China, Japan and Thailand. Butoh Dance is a performing art, originally from Japan but has been expanded tremendously in Europe, America, and throughout the world. It is the revolutionary of the dance. It is the surrealism of body. It is life experience.

Program Highlight

2nd – 4th Dec 2017


A 3-day workshop by Master Katsura Kan.(Jpn)

The Workshop is open to professional dancers,dance students and anyone that are interested in bodywork, Zen, and movement. No need for dance background.  The participants will perform together on Thursday 7 December at KAD Studio, 7th floor. Kad Suan Kaew

Dec 2nd – 3rd     2 – 5pm     Lanna Wisdom School,Suep San Lanna

Dec 4th              6 – 9pm     Lanna Wisdom School,Suep  San Lanna

Workshop fee    2,500 baht (50% discount for Thai)


3rd Dec 2017 10am – 1pm

Butoh Vipassana Dance by Sonoko Prow (Th)

A journey of self-discovery through dance meditation,space & time. Deep listening to your body and connect to infinite possibilities. Know yourself on many levels and the truth in you.

Workshop fee   650  baht (50% discount for Thai)

Performance at KAD Studio, 7th floor, Kad Suan Kaew

Dec 7th  2017 4.30pm and 7.30pm

Ticket             VIP    500 baht

General   350 baht

Student   200  baht


Event Details


KAD Studio